Wednesday, February 04, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2015

01. Breakage feat. Detour City - Treading Water [Digital Soundboy]

I've mentioned this on twitter before and I'll use this space to emphasize on this point again. A fuckin' great tune is a fuckin' great tune - no matter what genre it is or whether there are beats involved or not. Based on a sparse skeleton of all embracing, ever floating basslines and the best synth hook ever created Breakage and Detour City cater a blueprint of 23rd Century Pop music that will go down to the history books of electronic music for  a reason. Sheer beauty and a mother of a tune in the original version whilst the VIP on the flip transfers this stunning vibe into  a classy NuSkoolBreak context without losing any of the great vibes. Massive!

02. Renegades Of Jazz - Paradise Lost [Agogo Records 057 Promo]
See review for details...

03. Fabio Crivellaro - Comic Sans Terrorist [Self-Released Tape]
See review for details...

04. Jubei (ft. dBridge) - These Things VIP / Artificial Intelligence - Dillirious VIP [Metalheadz]
If there's one label within the whole of Drum'n'Bass that's equivalent to quality and consistency it has to be the Metalheadz-camp that's mentioned first and foremost. Especially the A-side "These Things VIP", a conjunctional effort of Jubei and dBridge, is nothing short of a banger, fusing a futuristic, stripped down and uberly cold approach to Drum'n'Bass reminiscing of late-90s Virus Recordings releases with sparse, longing off-kilter vocals asking "These things - they come and go - I'm here - where are you?" into a super tense break in which each and every sound comes to a total halt. A priceless contrast to all these stab and synth loaden Rave Drum'n'Bass tunes out there and hopefully only the beginning of a rising, minimalistic darkness that's overdue for a reason. On the flip we see Artificial Intelligence providing a dark stepper as well, bringing in deep, threatening tunnel sounds, mean alien basslines and a bit of amen attack here and there to a nice effect but still it's Jubei & dBridge serving the stronger, more impressive tune on this 12".

05. Second Moon Of Winter - One For Sorrow, Two For Joy [Denovali Records 219 Promo]
See review for details...

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Strange days these are and I feel that a bit of change lies ahead in my personal perception of and consumerism towards music, especially new music. The farther I'm away from the regular club circuit both as punter and as a DJ, regarding the fact that my most recent club appearances took place about a year ago and, since then, I've been focusing on embracing the more art-related, audio-visual side of electronic music when taking part in the Berlin-based, experimental television show #lsb_TV, the less I feel the urge to dig for new music, especially when it comes to recently released club music which, in most of the cases, I simply cannot relate to anymore as it either is just another variation of things I've heard thousands of times before or, referring to stuff like SlowHouse, GipsyHouse or the so-called DarkTechno, I simply don't get or embrace. Maybe I've come to a kind of repletion effect being backed by a collection exceeding the 5k-mark widely or it's just a change of attitude towards a kinda collectors point of view, trying to get hold of records I missed back in the day for one reason or another so my focus in buying music is more backwards-oriented recently. Strangely enough, I still feel well-prepared to eventually step up to a club or festival stage again at some point, not necessarily playing what might be called a 'classics set' only but with a more reflected attitude of having been around electronic music for decades now and the ability to present a blend and amalgamation of timeless and worthwhile quality electronic music, fusing things old and new,  telling tales of great vibes and deep tunes instead of caring about the latest hype. This said, watch out for further musings in podcast, radio and experimental TV spheres as well as the occasional appearance in the art world.


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