Sunday, March 15, 2015

Somewhere Underwater - Spring Kills My Energy [AdP Records Promo]

This is a sweet debut for our friends from the Kulmbach-based label AdP Records which, for the first time ever, have just been embracing the 7" vinyl format for the latest release of one of their recent signings - Somewhere Underwater. As this also is the bands first ever release one might say they've been striking a double here, serving a nice snow white plate of vinyl that'll both appeal to an Indie audience more withdrawn as well as to all those longing for their Pop music to explore more off-path places, floating around dreamier and slightly more 80s-influenced waters than your usual daytime radio provides them with these days. Think a little The Cure, think a little R.E.M., think a little Shoegaze and defo think a lot of Wave- / Synth-garnishment and you'll surely get what the french boy Julien Agot and his new project is all about - if you don't just have look at the deep and defo retro'sque video that has been reworked and edited by Gui Astoria from the short-movie Skaterdater and might trigger some teenage melancholia in some folks watching.


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