Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pas Musique - Inside The Spectrum [Alrealon Musique 061]

Released in mid-May via the experimentalism-focused imprint Alrealon Musique is "Inside The Spectrum", the latest album effort created by the 1995-founded Pas Musique collective which dedicates its work to the denial of established musical structures and aims to start from scratch again with each and every new composition, often resulting in a kind of Non Music reflecting the groups name which translates as 'not music'  in French. Heavily using and abusing layer techniques as well as colliding soundscapes and samples the bits and pieces on the album, which comes in an oversized art cover that appeals also to collectors of digitally created collages, more than once reminisce of the conceptual art of Plunderphonics, cross over into Noize with the title track, incorporate elements of Electronic Space Kraut ("Listening To Interstellar Space"), epic, drugged out live jams ("The Soul Catcher") or deep, tripping Intelligent Techno like catered in "Ancient Evil Aliens". Furthermore there are epic Synth-moments crossing over with glitching CutUps ("First Breath Of Speeding Light") followed by dramatic SciFi-Electro sounds with the intense yet retro'esque "Mindless Mechanics" whilst the sound of "Molecular Vibration" kinda evokes memories of old science-fiction movie scores due to its use of quirky, jingling analogue synthesis and threatening bass treatments. When it comes to the "Blue Lotus Ritual" droning guitars mix up with harsh, apocalyptic Industrial Techno-beats, a "Cerebral Vacuum" sounds like a fever'ish future-ancient machine ritual with a pretty surprising, absurd ending and the final "Transference" keeps things angelic and cinematic in terms of Ambient and Scores. Defo a recommended one, although Pas Musique's approach to create everything new and from scratch, without further influences from things already existing, does not necessarily succeed.


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