Monday, June 08, 2015

So Youtube Happens..

Pretty much exactly 2 months ago, a week after I came back from Atlanta / USA, this post happened and introduced a bunch of new social media channels like baze.djunkiii's Tumblr, bookface and Youtube - even though it wasn't clear at all what kind of, or if any, video content was about to happen on the platform last mentioned. Now, after a few weeks of research and experimenting with getting used to a kind of direct to camera situation (sort of...) and also inspired by the artist talk I held alongside Uli Sigg at the Goethe Zentrum Atlanta, the fog lifted and I decided to embrace the vlogging side of things, possibly even turning this into a kind of regular habit of sorts, adding up to other social media channels and hopefully serving quality entertainment for the readership of these pages and an audience yet to grow. Still being at the very beginning of what hopefully turns out to be an interesting journey I do hope that you're all up and ready for new adventures and bear with me when it comes to editing and on screen performance. Join me for a ride, subscribe to the channel and feedback in the comment section - it's appreciated for sure!

To cut things short, this is what happened last night to round off the recent baze.djunkiii Charts post on these pages...


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