Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Fabio Crivellaro [self-released tape]

It's been a few months since we reviewed Fabio Crivellaro's cassette album "Comic Sans Terrorist" and now we see the Italian producer coming back with a new shot these days - an untitled, limited to 30 copies tape that's seemingly exclusively available via the Musica Bella mailorder on bandcamp. Exploring the realms of super phonky Rhythm Industrial, quirky Broken Techno, experimental Hardcore as well as dark and lo-fi Industrial Drum'n'Bass kinda reminiscing of early releases on labels like Subversion and others more related to the French DarkJungle- / teknival scene of the late 90s / early 2000s Mr. Crivellaro sets an exciting example of how today's tape underground scene is still alive and working all over Europe, relying on the fascination of super limited print runs instead of churning out endless streams of heart- and soulless digital releases. We do approve of that!


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