Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NO MORE - Silence & Revolt [Rent A Dog]

So it's official - NO MORE are back with a new album on Rent A Dog and they're still standing strong 35 years after the release of their first ever record, their "Too Late EP", back in 1980. Straighter and more uptempo than their 2012-released album "Sisyphus" it seems like the Kiel-based band readjusted their focus to enter terrains somewhat in between classic PostPunk, Wave and modernistic Indie whilst adding a little surfy twang in songs like the floating, dancefloor moving hit "Turnaround", turning (Synth)Pop with "Stardust Youth" or hitting the fast lane with "Rope A Dope". The first recognizable drum machines come into play with the epic, krauty and Lynch'esque "After The Rain - Passegiata Notturna", "Revolt Against Yourself" brings in slices of wistful, yet fast paced Americana and the instrumental cut "It's About Time" might also appeal to fans of original KrautPop bands like Rheingold and the likes of. String-loaden romanticism and piano tenderness is the formula for the highly dramatic, score-worthy "1816", a bluesy, down-to-earth yet electronic swing for long nightrides through deserted lands is served by the albums title track "Silent Revolt" and the aura of "Give My Compliments To All The Girls" reminisces of the era of huge, amazing broadway entertainers and their trademark songs - a piece perfectly fitting for a grand finale and farewell. Following up to this huge song is "The  Cold Years", musically balancing in between SynthWave and - yes... - a kitschy, discoid version of ElectroClash before "In A Leaden Time" closes on a well-autumnal, melancholia driven and piano-based vibe. A 'modernistische Welt' this is and a recommendable album for sure. Check!


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