Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fabio Crivellaro - A-B-Normal 01 [Kaspar House Studio]

Coming in from the Italian cassette tape underground is "A-B-Normal 01", the latest and limited to 50 copies release by the ever active producer Fabio Crivellaro who is attacking our eardrums with two radical cuts on this piece. Whilst "Gioia Di Vivere" serves highly distorted digital feedback modulations and squealing, hardly bearable, off kilter synth rape sequences in combination with short Italian vocal outbursts we see "Pink Bunnies" on the flip dancing and headbanging along to a heavy, merciless and dead functional Industrial Techno / Rhythm Industrial turning into Hardcore effort in the vein of the legendary Little Brutal Rave Bastards Series, early releases on labels like Zhark or highly appreciated projects like Hypnoskull and the likes of. If there's any party out there playing tunes like this one we defo wanna go!


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