Monday, June 06, 2016

Dam-Funk - DJ-Kicks [!K7 Promo]

If there's any compilation series out there in the world that is to be called a staple by definition it has to be !K7's DJ-Kicks without any doubt. Running for a solid two decades now one might not get a thrill out of each and every instalment or sequel but still might keep an eye out for every new one as one might learn some interesting bits and bops about artists one doesn't necessarily follow on a regular as their productions might not match one's personal taste for a reason. For us, this is what's happening with the latest, late-May released edition of DJ-Kicks which has been picked, curated and mixed by Dam-Funk. Called and defined by many as master of so-called Modern Funk his productions never really touched our sweet spot but still we cannot deny that it all makes sense now after listening to his nineteen tracks mix that incorporates quite a sweet selection of tunes meandering in between Funk, Boogie, Disco, Philly Soul and Electro, providing not only a nicely blended mix and classy flashback to the past but also quite a few killer tunes like Vertical Lines' "Theme From Beach Boy", Take Three's "Tonite's The Night (All Right)" or Uncle Jams Army's "Dial-A-Freak" which we can perfectly imagine to incorporate in our own DJ-sets of the future at some point. And this kind of educational aspect is defo a thing that's to like and appreciate about this compilation series for a reason. Therefore, check!

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