Friday, June 10, 2016

Marc Fleury - Pe Warp [OD Ex Trip 003]

Released in late February via the Berlin-based OD Ex-imprint, a subdivision of Odrex Music, is the debut album of Atlanta, Georgia based artist Marc Fleury which provides quite a fascinating ride into the realms of Drone and Dark Ambient with this one. Entitled "Pe Warp" and being based on excursions and experiments in modular synthesis the longplay piece provides a run through eight original pieces, plus a 21+ minutes mix of all tunes created by label co-founder Moolsaasa, seemingly based on the same foundation of basic parameters at first - an assumption derived from a similar set of crackling patterns appearing on tunes over and over again - but soon developing and branching out into different directions including soft and calm droning, more angelic and ruminant bits as well as thunderous and threatening variations accompanied by scientific pulses and beautiful, slightly oscillating harmonies which sometimes, due to the mostly short nature of the tracks, end a little too soon and surprisingly at a point where the listener is just starting to immerge in the harmonic structure instead of developing the ideas and modulations over a larger timescale. This said, we could especially imagine a, yet non-existing, 12+ minutes version of "Pe Warp 10 + 11" being used as a soundtrack for an epic, but tense and danger-implying outer space scene in a classic black and white sci-fi flic as it perfectly depicts the absence of light in zero gravity. But despite the fact that we would've voted for longer versions of each track this defo is a recommended listen for all those loving their music dark, experimental and minimalistic. Therefore check!


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