Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Stein Urheim - Strandebarm [Hubro Music Promo]

Scheduled for international release on July 1st, 2k16 via Hubro Music is Stein Urheim's third ever solo album named "Strandebarm" - named after a small rural village the Norwegian string specialist used to spend certain amounts of time in throughout recent years. Taking advantage of his extensive knowledge of the string instrument section he is going on a full on frenzy using well-known bits like guitar, banjo and mandolin as well es more obscure, rarely heard and uncommon bits like langeleik, turkish tanbur, fretless bouzuki as well as other - string and non-string - instruments alongside loops and percussion to create a rural, panoramic soundscape whilst producer Jørgen Træen provides additional layers of effects and modular synthesis on numerous pieces. Together, the pairing creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere which is truly resembling the overall feel of the title providing village Stein Urheim describes in the albums liner notes, partly in a more scenic, Ambient-related way, partly more influenced by classic Folk and kinda folksy guitar dabbling of mostly instrumental nature with the exception of the mysterious and medieval "Water - Part 2" and the more accessible "Oh So Nice" which isn't leaning towards mainstream shores at all but, due to its Pop related structure, might become the most popular or at least mostly recognized song of the album. With "Fjellbekken" loops seem to be slightly out of tune for a specific, yet very hypnotizing reason before the tune's getting lost in more droning spheres, "Dragene Over Tempelhof" even provides a Drone Ambient vibe paired with mechanical, clanging noises to a tense, slightly Industrial effect and the final "Berlin Blues" concludes the longplay outing in a truly oldskool'ish manner that might provide an ideal additional soundtrack for old and crackly silent movies of a certain era. Defo one album bit that follows the outlines of the Hubro Music outfit for sure despite being one of their less experimental bits so far.  

Album artwork on Instagram!


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