Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Various Artists - Disco 2.0: Fever's Risin' Again [Wewantsounds Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 10th, 2k16 via the Wewantsounds-imprint is "Disco 2.0: The Fever's Risin' Again", a new eleven track compilation featuring ten contemporary so-called Disco / NuDisco tunes as well as a 1976-released West End Records instrumental cut by Sounds Of The Inner City. And although one might wonder what exactly sparked the imprints interest in this specific genre only now as re-issues, compilations, edits and Disco-influenced productions have been on the rise for a minimum of five years or so, one cannot deny that "Disco 2.0" features quite a few interesting tunes for lovers of Disco old and contemporary alike. L'Imperatrice's "La Lune" pays homage to what also could be described as (Neo)Cosmic soundwise whilst the Bon Voyage Organisation explores retrofuturistic Space Disco on "Shenzhen V" and Juan MacLean delivers a tense re-edit of  Monika's "Secret In The Dark" that's about to please dancefloors of all kind due to its hypnotic, yet funky nature. Further highlights to be picked are No Zu's well-psychedelic "Ui Yia Uia" which meanders somewhat between late DC Recordings-releases and P-Funk stylewise, "Acid Disco" by LeonxLeon which - as one might guess - amalgamates classic Disco aesthetics and decent, yet functional 303 modulations or the super functional FunkDisco-vibe of Bufiman's "Running (The Chase)" which all together provide a nice sweet retrodelic overview of today's (Nu)Disco scene.


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