Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sascha Müller - Meat Kills Earth [Pharmacom Records Ltd.]

Incoming from Uelsen's most creative production force Sascha Müller is "Meat Kills Earth", a new, limited to 20 copies cassette tape album packaged in a silver anti-static plastic bag in which the long time standing producer sonically deals with the currently ongoing discussion about appropriate nutrition and, of course, climate change. Released on his very own and recently more active Pharmacom Records-imprint we see this album piece cater an overall run of five extended tracks which present themself in an alarming, well unsettling manner, bringing forth approximately one hour of sonic distress signals, cold, post-apocalyptic atmospheres, unsettling rhythm pulses, piercing feedbacks, computational bleeps, short-circuit buzzing, overall desolation and well obvious references pointing towards underground subgenres like ritual Rhythm Industrial, Noize, lo-fi Bleeptronica as well retrofuturistic machinery on overall tilt mode and experiments in modular synthesis. Intense and highly recommended. Check.


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