Friday, April 23, 2021

Digitalism - JPEG [Magnetism Testpress]

Scheduled for release via their own Magnetism label on May 25th, 2k21 is "JPEG", the new - and fourth - full length album outing by Jens 'Jence' Moelle and Ismail 'Isi' Tüfekci, better known to their worldwide fanbase of electronic music / IndieElectro lovers under their shared alias that is Digitalism. Coming at us with a whole range of 15 tracks spread out over 2LP format the Hamburg-based duo caters a full on journey through their musical spectrum from the well SynthPop-infused neon glow of title track "JPEG" which surely will resonate with fans of Kavinsky's "Nightcall" for a reason whilst bits like "Disc_404" are GhettoBass / Baltimore Club infused club bangers, cuts like "Wish I Was There" and "Knight Life" are 4-2-the-floor fodder for large scale festival stages around the world, "Olympia" harks back to the high octane days of FilterHouse x NuRave crossovers, "Infinity" evokes memories of the blurred, hazy ElectroPop x SynthPop vision once catered by the likes of Rangleklods whilst dabbling with SlowHouse / NuDisco at the same time, the guitar-driven "No Data" as well as the dreamy "No Holiday" cater to the needs of Indie / IndieElectro audiences all over the globe, "Voltage" brings on hard hitting peaktime RoboPhonk and with "Data Gardens" we even get a beatless Synth / Ambient skit to round things off, just to name a few. And with a lot of songs sticking close to or even under the radio-friendly 3:00 minutes mark we'd say that some daytime airplay is guaranteed whilst this song format pleases the short attention span of streaming generation as well. Nice.


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