Friday, April 23, 2021

Slina - 42'00'' [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via Gusstaff Records of Poland on April 30th, 2k21 is "42'00''", the sophomore longplay outing for the Improv quartet that is Slina. Combining the sounds of saxophone, drums, guitar, double bass and electronic sources in three extended pieces which are all named after their respective total play times the group is exploring a krautsy, ever meandering realm somewhat located in the misty grey area where genres like Post-PostRock, Ambient naturalism and Indietronics fuse, melt and overlap, providing a deliberately blurred, mostly textural sonic experience, a viscid stream of audible information - sometimes hyper-loaded and energetic, sometimes more chill and comforting - that can be best described as an imaginery love child of Aosuke, Nuel, most recent Bad Stream and subdued FreeJazz partly, and especially in "13'00''", raised by the thundering drums of Black Metal or Drone Doom whereas the subsequent "14'00''" goes down a deeper, more dubbed out and somewhat psychoactive lane fore a closing. If these projects and genres do speak to you in volumes and are both a regular part of your listening habits as well as a vocabulary you might well want to check out "42'00''" for a reason.


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