Saturday, July 31, 2021

Alexei Borisov / Jerome Lorichon / Olga Nosova / Quentin Rollet - Shampanskoye [Reqords 006]

Released via Reqords as their 006 on June 15th, 2k21 is "Shampanskoye", the new, first ever recorded album by the multi-national quartet x double-duo consisting of renowned artists Alexei Borisov, Jerome Lorichon, Olga Nosova and Quentin Rollet which came to life a baffling seven years ago in Paris even though being put on the circuit just now. Within seven tracks and a total playtime of roughly 42 minutes the four musicians, creating for the first time in this specific setting and with a combination of voice, real-life instruments and electronic enhancements, do explore a tense, undoubtedly intricate and surely avantgarde-leaning musical realm infused by both Improv and FreeJazz as well as microtonal and highly fragmented tonal shifts and sonic evolutions, always demanding, probably partly straining and nerve-wrecking at least for the weak-heartened yet filled with interesting details and beautifully sculpted sequences - see the intro sequence and especially the captivating drums of "Escopados", accompanied by ghostly, outerworldly vocals and most desolate guitar feedbacks - for those well versed in experimental music whereas the subsequent sketch named "Outrock" evokes memories of the first, long-forgotten Emphase Records 7" release and "Yellow Jacket" presents a polylayered cacophony of beautiful FreeJazz-infused madness for those who know just to pick out the most outstanding sequence of tracks on this album as a recommended teaser for more things to be found on here. Heavy.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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