Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Andy Moor - Music For Safe Piece [Unsounds]

'"Safe Piece" is a long term project exploring the question of parenting while maintaining an artistic practice." Take this in for a concept and read once again: '"Safe Piece" is a long term project exploring the question of parenting while maintaining an artistic practice." That's what Andy Moor is dealing with on his June 15th, 2k21 released album for the Unsounds label, providing the sonic backdrop for a project initiated by choreographer Valentina Campora which also happens to be the mother of his child, Elio, who is also actively invlvd in the conceivement and live performances of the project. A true family affair which results in a roughly 46 minutes, thirteen tracks spanning longplay piece with Moor sticking true to the electric guitar as his main instrument of choice, accompanied by interventions of his children and occasional tape additions, presenting a free-floating take on experimentation and improvisation with pieces like "Safe Piece OT301 / Part 2" coming across in a highly abstract, yet somewhat blues-y manner despite in its intricate, complex and mostly twangy fashion being a gazillion light years away from what actual Blues is or used to be whereas "Safe Piece Zaal100 Part 1" introduces warm, literally overwhelming bass pulses as some kind of a recurring main motif accompanied by whirling scratches and somewhat off'ish tonal progressions of ever growing intensity, "Safe Piece Zaal100 Part 3" drifts off in a meandering, yet inward-looking PostFolk / Campfire Improv fashion, "Safe Piece Studio Leine & Robeana Part 2" caters a dramatic highlight evoking faint echoes of memories of intense hindhu, native american or dervish ceremonies, "Safe Piece OT301 / Part 4" fully indulges in heavy Psychedelic Rock-leaning feedback orgies over the course of nearly 11 minutes whereas "Safe Piece OT301 / Part 5" turns out to be the most eerie, nightmare inducing piece on this album, mostly due to the warped toddler voice using, or rather curiously abusing, the microphone present throughout the performance. Intriguing, yet rather one for an audience already gravitating towards highly avantgarde-leaning music.

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