Friday, August 06, 2021

Konus Quartett & Klaus Lang - Drei Allmenden [Cubus Records 376]

Put out on the circuit on June 18th, 2k21 and accompanied by a theroretical / philosophical approach towards how and to which extent a composers script defines the piece of music it describes and lays out canonically as well as towards how and how much the musicians / ensembles intepretation plays a role in doing this is "Drei Allmenden", the latest album and collaboration created by Klaus Lang and the Konus Quartett which was released via Cubus Records. In three movements rolled out over the course of roughly 43 minutes the artists invlvd combine Lang's harmonium with a variety of saxophones, bringing forth a beautifully solemn, inward-looking and surely longing, melancholic interpretation of organic and well cinematic DarkAmbient performed with real life instruments, a floating, carefully sculpted exercise which exceeds the confined realm of Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical music in slow but calm, continuos and steady motion like an enormous body of water, shaping landscapes over the course of aeons. Excellent.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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