Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Broeckart / Berweck / Lorenz - Bernard Parmegiani: Stries For Three Synthesizers And Tape [Mode Records 328]

Soon to be released via the 1984-founded Mode Records imprint is "Bernard Parmegiani: Stries For Three Synthesizers And Tape", a take on recreation, reproduction and - in some ways - possibly even further development of a piece of electroacoustic music originally composed and recorded by Parmegiani in 1963, his "Violostries". Taking things to a next evolutionary step using both original tape recordings and the digital tools of their time as well as those available today at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab in Karlsruhe Colette Brockaert, Sebastian Berweck and Martin Lorenz went through a painstakingly detailed and complex process, combining pieces of a sonic puzzle and in some cases creating modernist sonic workarounds to successfully bring Parmegiani's work back to life and make it performable again in a world of digital technologies with especially "Strio" presenting a beautifully eerie, minimalistic and surely haunted variation on electronic movements pre-dating, yet fully antedating what is now recognized as an atmospheric crossbreed of DarkAmbient and (Neo)Cosmic whereas the subsequent albums main piece "Stries" sticks to a, yet livelier, form of similarly atmospheric darkness whilst adding extreme levels of highly futuristic, dynamic and well sci-fi'esque tension as well as surely goosebump- and shiver-inducing soundscapes that would provide excellent score works for pieces like the classic "The Andromeda Strain" and other tech-driven flics of this era. Highly recommended. 

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