Monday, August 02, 2021

Sorry For Laughing - See It Alone [Klanggalerie]

What a comeback - or better revival? Resurgence? Whatever one may call it, Gordon H. Whitlow revives his 1986 one-off cassette project Sorry For Laughing, is joined by Edward Ka-Spel of Legendary Pink Dots as well as Martyn Bates of Eyeless In Gaza-fame as fixed collaborators in a trio setting plus several other contributing artists to come at us with a new album in 2k21. Released via Klanggalerie in June "See It Alone" presents a menu of 12 brand new songs x compositions which unfold as a most beautiful, tender and touching array of Leftfield / Avantgarde Pop pieces with some instrumentals in between, bits of highly advanced songwriting and even echoes of FreakFolk and classic Chanson thrown into the mix with the latter especially prevalent in the fascinatingly twisted "The Necessicity Of Good Timing" whilst "Seven Stormy Oceans (An Edward Lear Dream)" is as melancholia-inducing and maritime - #accordeon! - as the title suggests, "Agone" presents itself in a truly solemn and ecclesiastical fashion - #organ! - whereas the quasi- a cappella "Fate Stars" in all its quiet dramatic fashion could easily evolve into a musical / theatre / large scale show piece just to pick a few favorites here. The essence of songwriting beauty for literally everyone fond of an all-caressing, intimate listening session spent in devout silence or with a beloved significant other. One cannot recommend this album enough. Get.

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