Thursday, October 21, 2021

Duo Sutera Novali - s/t [Aut Records 075]

Put on the cicuit via the Italian Aut Records imprint on September 27th, 2k21 is the self-titled album by Duo Sutera Novali, a new formation comprised of piano player Ermanno Novali and violinist Virginia Sutera. Drawing inspiration from musical research and non-idiomatic inspiration the two artists cater a five compositions spanning longplay piece on which all pieces are subsequently numbered in ancient Roman numerals, setting the vibe right for the musical content to come over the course of roughly 46 minutes - a masterly display of a free floating musical dialogue between both the two artists and their respective instruments, working their way from a tender start in (Neo)Classical / Modern Classical music towards well dramatic, expressive heights and beautifully longing, timeless melancholia which evokes memories of what used to be Chamber Music in eras long gone whereas specific sequences, especially in the energetic, powerful closing piece "V." provide a lot of musical drive for formal courtly dances. A fascinating piece which makes it hard to identify which parts of the sonic journey came to be via pure improvisation and which were probably previously composed. Go check!

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