Friday, October 22, 2021

Marina Rosenfeld - Teenage Lontano [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh album released by the Australian label Room40 on October 15th, 2k21 is Marina Rosenfeld's "Teenage Lontano", a roughly 38 minutes spanning longplay piece comprised of two extended works by the US-based artist and composer. Whilst "Teenage Lontano", a 2008-recorded cover version x interpretation of György Ligeti's classic orchestra piece from 1960, sees Marina Rosenfeld embark on a journey into somewhat retrofuturist, yet well unsettling and tense Ambient / Cold Ambient territories in which the ever morphing tones, bleeps, sweeps and trickles resemble a never ending stream of data moving back and forth through a global labyrinth of subsurface wires which are confining things unspoken of living in humungous underground vaults in ever lasting darkness whilst shimmering choral non-vocalisms provide a silver lining of hope at the sonic horizon the cryptically named "roygbiv&b (Version For South London)", recorded at the South London Gallery in 2k14, weighs in a fascinating, soulful and reverberating call-and-response approach for a large choir recorded from quite a distance, starting out deep, solemn and minimalistic yet working its way up wave after wave only to reach intense heights that can only be described as deeply spiritual for a lack of a better term, partially accompanied and x or interrupted by longing, siren'esque sinewaves and earth shaking low end rumbles. Highly recommended, especially for the second cut on this album. Get.


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