Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Jerman / Barnes - Hiss Lift [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Australia's ever active staple that is the Room40-imprint on December 3rd, 2k21 is "Hiss Lift", the latest two track album crafted by the collaborating artists Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes for the label. Opening with "40 Pictures Of Frozen Lakes" followed by the subsequent second piece named "A Lovely Little Pain" the roughly 37 minutes spanning album deals with and reflects upon the time the two artists spent touring together and even takes its title from a sign they discovered at an elevator in a hotel not mentioned whilst on being on tour. And as colourful and multilayered, sometimes even random, semi-chaotic and half-structured life - and recording... - on tour might be the album manages to reflect it well with an ever continuous stream of sonic events, layers and layers of - partly processed - Field Recordings and electronic textures reminiscent of endless hours spent in night trains or hotel / airport lobbies, nawing sine waves and screeching movements, mumbled, muffled voices getting lost in the mix, moments of silence, cut up collage sequences, an emerging maelstrom of thundering Industrial HarshNoize, live snippets and announcements captured throughout their journey, dives deep into nightly electrostatic atmospheres paired with abstract, clanging metallic rhythm signatures and presents a well thrilling, always captivating journey into a realm most likely to be enjoyed by those appreciating early Ambient-leaning works by Scanner and other pieces dealing with sonic interpretations of the modern world that could be seen in the context of contemporary Musique Concrete. Recommended.


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