Tuesday, November 16, 2021

SineRider - A Familiar Light [Sound In Silence 084]

Another fresh album release put on the circuit via the Athens-based imprint Sound In Silence on October 11th, 2k21 is "A Familiar Light", the latest full length outing by American producer Devin Powers a.k.a. SineRider. With his second, eleven tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album for the label he follows and caters to the imprints original core sound with a floating and ever so softly modulating take on cascading crystalline Ambient structures of a friendly, playful and frolicking nature as well as a characteristic timelessness, presenting warm, organic and comforting goodness in cuts like "Ashore", uplifting, almost SinoAmbient-resembling synth tones in pieces like "Hadean" whilst bringing forth cute, yet somewhat distinct and catchy melancholia-inducing melodic minimalisms in "Loran" - which might be our personal favorite on "A Familiar Light" for a reason - whereas "Mishima" triggers our deepest level of imagination with soft hypnotic repetitions which easily could last for a lifetime without ever getting old - just to name a few. The most tender and beautiful of Ambient albums, this. Get.

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