Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Elizabeth S. - Gather Love [Klanggalerie]

Released only recently via the long standing Klanggalerie label is "Gather Love", the very first solo album effort carved out by Elizabeth S. despited being on the circuit and having contributed to the works of seminal groups like Eyeless In Gaza as well as solo efforts by Martyn Bates since the mid-80s. With this background and nearly 40 years of experience on the scene "Gather Love", which also sees Martyn Bates and Alan Trench making occasional contributions to Elizabeth S. musical vision, starts on a dark, brooding and well haunted PostPunk tip driven by distorted guitars and heavy feedbacks alongside highly expressive vocals on the aptly titled "Misborn" only to make a sudden turn towards more folksy territories in the semi-acoustic cut "Will Your Love" which surely is influenced by the artists works with and for Eyeless In Gaza over the past decades. These two cuts are followed by the calm, yet scenic, almost theatrical backdrop of "The Carer" which, in itself, presents a fully fledged sonic storyline of epic qualities whereas "The Carter Girl" weighs in floating, ethereal non-vocalisms alongside tender, meandering piano lines and the primal drum patterns, haunted atmosphere and spine-tingling vocal performance brought forward in "The Hill" evoke memories of medieval witchcraft and dark spiritualism. Furthermore pieces like "Wanderlove" annunciate danger and darkness to come with their intense klaxon'esque drones and incisive vocal presence whilst the title song "Gather Love" caters touching minimalism and "No Rain" even brings forth sparse, yet razor sharp beats for late night Industrial dancefloors just to name a few. One for cold and dark winter nights, this.

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