Thursday, October 28, 2021

Weltklang - Rückwärts [Exil-System]

Coming in straight from Vienna these days is "Rückwärts", one of the most recent album releases by Thomas Voburka's long standing Weltklang project which, most obviously, was put on the circuit by his very own imprint Exil-System in various versions and iterations according to its, slightly confusing, Discogs release page. Sporting a total of eight brand new tracks on 45rpm vinyl we see Weltklang on a raw and untamed, slightly Industrial-leaning Minimal Wave tip once again, catering hefty, bleep-heavy and greyscale'ish dancefloor bang0rz for creatures of the darkest night with cuts like "Lockdown" whereas bits like "Tanz Den Thomas Bernhard" add muffled 4/4 Techno influences to the mix whilst providing a tongue-in-cheek homage to a well known DAF classic before "Tatraplan" comes at dancefloors with more distinct lo-fi vibes and raw unpolished hi-hat madness and off-kilter melodies for connaisseurs of what was once known as a movement named Ingenious Dilettantes. The flipside's opener "1-2-3-4" weighs in anthemic synth bleeps, mad filter sweeps and beautiful text-to-speech vocoder abuse for those in the know, "Dynamo" brings forth a more hypnotic, mechanical kind of late night groove, the title cut "Rückwärts" presents an even more anthemic vibe and therefore might be our favourite cut on this album whilst "Control" takes minimalism and twisted text-to-speech abuse to a new level under cold and flickering white neon lights - or brutal supersonic hyperstrobes. If you're on good terms with madness, this probably is a well suitable addition to your ever growing collection of underground records. Check.


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