Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Jens Mueller - Marudi EP [Psychocandies 098 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Psychocandies only recently as the imprints 098 is Jens Mueller's "Marudi EP" which features the original version straight from the studio of the German producer as well as two additional remixes. The original "Marudi" sees the head honcho of the Sound Kleckse Radio Show on a deep, ethereal TechTrance tip for an intro sequence before spiralling synths lead the way for a pumping, highly functional Techno workout whilst the subsequent relick by P.T.B.S weighs in dark'ish, almost threatening atmospheres alongside a relentless, ever marching drum foundation only knowing one way - forward! - to provide fodder for all peak time dancefloors whereas the closing variation a.k.a. the "Marudi *Afflicted Remix" dives head over heels into classic, bubbling AcidTrance territories to provide a sweet hypnotic variation for all oldskool ravers dearly missing thick fog, flashing laser lights and epic mid-tune breakdowns for a reason. Yet, Afflicted have got you covered.


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