Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Linnea Talp - Arch Of Motion [Thanatosis Produktion]

Another fresh one on the rapidly expanding Swedish avantgarde imprint that is Thanatosis Produktion is "Arch Of Motion", the first full on solo album by composer x organist Linnea Talp. Put out on the circuit on April 29th, 2k22 the 31 minutes spanning album covers a total of eight pieces which see Linnea Talp on pipe organ and modular synth accompanied by a set of contributing guest artists providing additional layers of vocals, flute, grand piano, guitar and more, with everything falling into place in an almost Ambient'esque fashion, providing sustained yet textured tones and chords, revealing more and more hidden detail with each and every tonal change, a comforting, almost microtonal journey resulting in washed out, klaxon'esque pieces like the longing "Going Nowhere" or the subsequent "Mending (Light Pressure)" which both sound like one would picture an extended walk through the more industrial, container-loading environment of a modern harbour on a random, yet brutally fogged out November Sunday afternoon to look like - somewhat bleak, yet most beautiful - whilst "Rasunda Kyrka (Exhale)" almost borders on Minimal and x or Dark Ambient in a certain way just to pick a few outstanding pieces here. If those strolls in lost industrial spaces are a part of your regular routine anyway this album should be your future soundtrack for activities like this. Go check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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