Saturday, May 14, 2022

Kristine Scholz - Plays Otte And Cage [Thanatosis Produktion 009]

Put out on the circuit via Swedish label Thanatosis Produktion as their 009 is Kristine Scholz' "Plays Otte And Cage" which sees the 1944-born pianist providing her take on pieces by highly influential composers Hans Otte and John Cage, accompanied by an extended set of liner notes in the albums booklet. With the first half of this 41.41 minutes spanning release covering Hans Otte's "Das Buch Der Klänge IV / II / IX / XII" with pieces being played in this particular order Scholz provides a set of expressions ranging from sparse and almost noir'esque to playful and frolicking cascades of repetetive, yet ever changing nature before John Cage's "Music For Piano 4-19", an extended composition of 19+ minutes total duration, brings forward a deeply nocturnal solo piano experience, being an astoundingly accessible, yet monolithic, abstract and mininimalist body of work transcending regular structures of space and time which hovers slightly beyond and above our known universe and therefore is our favorite cut on this longplay piece. Recommended to all fans of Contemporary Classical music and deep listening piano exercises, this.

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