Friday, May 13, 2022

Eldritch Priest - Omphaloskepsis [Halocline Trance 026]

Released via Toronto-based and Egyptrixx-run imprint Halocline Trance on March 4th, 2k22 is "Omphaloskepsis", the most wondrous one take album debut by Vancouver's composer x writer x performer Eldritch Priest who caters a strangely meandering, 54 minutes spanning body of work based on and built around an ever changing, twangy and introspective, somewhat Jazz-infused guitar line of seemingly improvisational nature which never reaches a point of resolution or coming full cycle over its entire runtime whilst being accompanied by musically parallel piano sequences, random distortions and electric guitar riffing as well as additional electronic processings which, despite being calm and mostly stripped down in nature, make this one a listening experience hard to tackle for anyone looking for a traceable, comprehensible musical structure for their personal enjoyment. This is way up in the realm of the avantgarde and probably one of the best sonic depictions of how life with ADHD must feel like, a plethora of possibilities and options of which none are really pursued or meant to come to full fruition, even if "Omphaloskepsis" probably was never intended to function in this specific way. A conceptual music beyond any genre, with Contemporary Jazz probably being the closest or most suitable drawer to put this one in.


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