Thursday, May 12, 2022

RG Rough - 70 [Bam Balam Records 089]

Put out on the circuit via Bordeaux' ever active Bam Balam Records label on April 23rd. 2k22 is "70", the fifth full length album cooked up by Robert G. Rough a.k.a. RG Rough for the imprint within a little more than three years since his first appearance on Bam Balam Records in 2k19. Split in two parts aptly named "70 71 72 73 74" and "75 76 77 78 79" respectively which are covering a playtime of roughly 44 minutes in total we're following RG Rough on an extended trip into most krautsy territories over the course of this album, drifting away into a new state of trance whilst listening to fever'ish, repetetive, yet slowly evolving rhythm signatures accompanied by evermore densely growing layers of instruments, eerie, otherworldly dronings and truly (Neo)Cosmic workouts, psychedelic Ambient x PostRock amalgamations, somewhat retrofuturistic sequences, deep, emotional synth dreamscapes, avantgarde cut-up episodes leading into tense SpaceRock instrumentals and other goodness made to please fans of classic KrautRock as well as more contemporary sounds provided by acts like Zombie Zombie, A Gang Of Crows, Padded Cell and the likes of. This is a trip.


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