Wednesday, June 07, 2023

All Hands_Make Light - Darling The Dawn [Constellation 171]

Released via the highly influential Canadian imprint that is Constellation Records on April 21st, 2k23 is "Darling The Dawn", the first ever signed album by Montreals All Hands_Make Light, the relatively recently formed duo comprised of Ariel Engle and Efrim Manuel Enuck. Over a runtime of 44 minutes and seven brand new pieces the two prolific artists lay out a sonic landscape described by the accompanying promo sheet in the words of Ariel Engle as '... . Sea shanties for seas we've never sailed...', shaped oftentimes through the process of filesharing and defined by a glistening, yet inward-looking and almost Shoegazing beauty in which electronic textures meet large scale panoramic, yet intimate pads and layers and a well tender vocal performance partially buried deep within the mix, at times even dabbling with what was decribed as Apocalyptic Folk by the likes of Current 93 as well as haunted ambience, meandering song structures and what seem to decaying echoes of Scottish bagpipes or similar traditional instruments to be found in the vast and majestic Ambient score of "The Sons And Daughters Of Poor" which evolves into a droning Leftfield Pop x Shoegaze hybrid over 9+ minutes whereas the subsequent "Anchor" defines brooding, yet glacial, mystic and slightly devotional Vocal Ambient for new dawn rituals for 2k23. Quite an epic overall soundscape to be found on this one.

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