Monday, June 05, 2023

Eardrops - Gravity Has No Right To Define Up And Down [Krater Recordings]

Released via the Audiophob sublabel Krater Recordings on May 5th, 2k23 is the cheekily titled "Gravity Has No Right To Define Up And Down", the first ever album project cooked up by Claus Poulsen and Sascha Stadlmeier under their shared musical alias that is Eardrops. Catering a total of five tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 39 minutes the duo employs a musical arsenal consisting of zither and violin alongside various electronic sound sources and Field Recordings to build an improvised, yet coherent musical tapestry from the fragile and crackly, in parts even GAS-esque (minus the beats, ofc), romantic DarkAmbient ultramelancholia of the opening track "Aux Minor" onwards, with "Finding Form" indulging in ghostly, washed out melodic fragments somewhat reminiscent of early Oval and probably other highly fascinating late 90s quasi-Ambient before "The Space In Between" presents deep, yet slightly chaotic and overlapping echoes of plucked strings alongside warped and twisted electroacoustic treatments and occasional tectonic low end shiftings, "Bavarian Seas" enters a realm of inward looking, self-reflective Post-PostRock evoking memories of the criminally underrated Aosuke project which released the only Ambient x PopAmbient x PostPostRock album on Hamburg's Audiolith label ever before the final cut named "Lustbrot" rounds things off on an even folksier and more acoustic level for a closing. Beautiful.

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