Monday, June 12, 2023

Fin / Caliumi / Masetto / Battaglia / Mampreso - An Artist's Life Manifesto [Aut Records 092]

Released via Aut Records on April 11th, 2k23 is "An Artist's Life Manifesto", a conceptual, year-long multi-artist research take on Marina Abramovic's work of the same name. The result of this research is a seven compositions and almost 75 minutes spanning album with the most extended cut, the closing piece "Posession", exceeding the magical 20 minutes mark alone, pairing deep and classy late night Jazz vibes with a highly expressive and wide ranged vocal performance at its technical and pitch peak even bordering on Opera throughout some parts, diving deep into tender ballads with "Solitude" which are traversing into free floating Jazz improvisations later on whilst "Self-Control" dabbles with nervous background movements and quasi cut-up Spoken Word fragments, "Pollution" drifts off into playfully theatrical dreamland situations which Improv escalate quickly for a second whereas the aforementioned "Possession" rounds things off with a proper groovy Jazz intro before, once again, dissolving into airy minimalist fragments accompanied by bits of squeaky saxophone and thundering drums for a second to please the needs of an avantgarde-informed audience. If that's you you might wanna check this one out.


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