Friday, June 09, 2023

Faizal Mostrixx - Mutations [Glitterbeat Records 141 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the ever active Glitterbeat Records imprint on May 26th, 2k23 is "Mutations", the second full length album cooked up by Uganda's own Faizal Mostrixx. Rolled out over nine tracks and a total runtime of roughly 38 minutes the producer caters a sonic vision to '...describe the meeting of the electronic and the tribal...', a fusion of a wide range of traditional Pan-African influences and oftentimes polyrhythmic Bass Music, in structure somewhat reminiscent of the uniquely non-linear soundscapes laid down by Tunisian artist Deena Abdelwaheed, garnished with brooding synth sounds and sampled Tribal chants, resulting in hefty dancefloor bangorz like the futuristic opener "Onions And Love" whereas "Back To Tanzania" pairs Tribal DeepHouse x Amapiano vibes with local chants to a surprising effect, the "Sandman" brings forth a gloomy and primeval, bass-heavy soundtrack nicely contrasted with cascading melodic segments, the title track "Mutations" could be seen as an eerie, Pan-African equivalent to Chicago's Juke x Footwork movement whereas the aptly titled closing tune "Afro Aliens" seems to dabble with deep early Autechre x Boards Of Canada vibes in combination with slomo Amapiano for enchanted late night sessions just to name a few. Interesting stuff, this.


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