Sunday, June 11, 2023

Oberer Totpunkt - Totentanz [Danse Macabre Records]

Handed over to us by the artists directly only recently was "Totentanz", the sixth full length album recorded by Hamburg-based band project Oberer Totpunkt for the long standing label Danse Macabre Records. Released in 2k22 "Totentanz" caters a total of 16 songs rolled out over the course of 68 minutes, once again focusing a highly dramatic amalgamation of dense and synth-heavy Industrial x EBM, heavy, distorted guitar riffs and Bettina Bormann's trademark, mostly German, part Spanish lyrics which can be described as an oftentimes eerie and unsettling combination of Spoken Word and fast, highly precise speech-singing - not: rapping - which is extremely prevalent in tracks like the title track "Totentanz", the post-apocalyptic Industrial Doom Rock anthem "Scharlachroter Schnee" which indeed is a well psychotic love song of sorts followed by the peaktime theatrical drama of "Liebeleid". Furthermore hypnotic FuturePop cuts like "Zeit Verfliegt" are able to work technoid festival crowds as well swirling creatures of the night, "Auf Der Dunklen Seite Des Mondes" is a big time emotional journey for fans of Industrial Rock, the subsequent "Dystopia" weighs in a good portion of cold and ghostly mystique, "Die Krieger" brings back a bit of the good ol' chrome flavored EBM x FuturePop crossover sound and "Rot, Schwarz, Herz" brings forth some more peaktime power for high-octane moshpits just to name a few. One for your strobe-lit cybergoth peak time dancefloors, this.

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