Saturday, June 10, 2023

Niala Effen - Kolory Tez Potrafia Spiewac [Rope Worm 001]

Put on the circuit on May 19th, 2k23 as the very first release of the new Warsaw-based label Rope Worm is "Kolory Tez Potrafia Spiewac" by Niala Effen, an acronym employed by Belgian artist and composer Alain Neffe for this one which was originally intended as a limited to 28 copies edition accompanying an art exhibition by Nadine Bal in late 1989 and then one time re-issued by the Polish OBUH label on cassette back in 1993. Now properly restored from original reel to reel recordings for a limited to 300 copies CD release some 30 years later with two additional bonus tracks added to the track list we see Niala Effen / Alain Neffe on a quasi-serial ProtoAmbient tip infused by both Minimal Music composition techniques as well as the technical approach of unquestioned Synth greats with ever repetetive yet subtly shifting loop sequences bringing forth well uplifting, now somewhat retrofuturist vibes to be found in cuts like the future positive "Mireille" with the subsequent "Gina" even touching on Modern Classical x Contemporary Classical-leaning composition techniques to a fascinatingly dramatic effect, "Beatrice" adding feathering, partially dubbed out and beautiful piano chords to the mix whereas the highly expressionist "Yvette" follows up with a slightly theatrical, yet not less positive twist, the 15 + minutes spanning "Maryse" weighing in a well eerie and unsettling, ever spiralling maelstrom of twisted synth sounds before introducing a more free-floating and certainly Jazz infused piano motif and "Anne Marie *Second Version" puts the percussive angle of the original version in tape reverse for a closing just to name a few. Defo a well interesting and somewhat historical document of late 80s ProtoAmbient for those in the know.


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