Thursday, August 31, 2023

Kjetil Brandsdal & Thore Warland - Record Players, Percussion And Sound Effects I [Drid Machine Records 036 / Haerverk Industrier 036]

Scheduled for release as a joint venture effort by Drid Machine Records and Haerverk Industrier on September 15th, 2k23 is "Record Players, Percussion And Sound Effects I", the latest full length album collab produced by Norwegian artists, musicians and composers Kjetil Brandsdal and Thore Warland. Over the course of ten pieces and a total playtime of 33 minutes the duo explores a seemingly loop-based approach to reprocessed textures of a Musique Concrete-resembling quality, accompanied by washed out, cavernous electro acoustic treatments and minimalist drum rhythm signatures, all housed in a limited special foil print CD and x or vinyl cover and falling together in a way reminiscent of both early electronic music experiments and their associated workshops x sound laboratories as well as a certain collage x Found Sound angle which makes this album a highly interesting one for fans and followers of the sonic Avantgarde and, when it comes to "Downhill Planet", also lovers of classic Illbient sounds. Recommended.


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