Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Grime r_port

First of all - I never been the one to hunt down the internet for the latest DJ-mixes and/or mp3-snippets of unreleased tunes or fresh dubs of whoever is meant to be the next groundbreaking producer or DJ in a "hype in the year after next"-genre and I guess I never will be. That's not only 'coze my internet connection sucks big time and my hardware needs not only an update but a full replacement, but I'm too busy to spend my time hunting down digitized tracks I can't actually put in my selection or order for the recordstore I work at. Plus I simply do not like .mp3 or similar formats like .ogg or whatever, I neither like CDr at all and would never consider to replace cutting dubplates with small silver discs. Musicwise I prefer to know about what is available right now or upcoming soon - going through distributors listings for information on that is one way, reading magazines, websites or blogs is the other apart from recommendations from people I trust musicwise. I think for people not involved in the most inner circle of a specific genre it's more important to build their own definition of what this specific music means instead of just copying what's happening in the inner sanctum. This is what keeps music alive and interesting, although the keepers and day one innovators might have a different opinion when it comes to this. Guess y'all know stories about a whole bunch of leading Drum'n'Bass-DJ's/producers teaming up for a conference on a mission to decide what the future of D'n'B will be... . No matter if this happened or not, music evolution will never stop and there's no point in trying to provide a further direction. It just won't work.

Anyway, there's music to write about and that's why we are - or at least I am - here in front of my computer. Shout outs to Mr. Gutter @ Gutterbreakz for providing detailed info about the new and first release on Skulldisco which is at least one to keep an eye upon. Shackleton's "I Am Animal" is more traditional dub than step and pushes genre borders even further than MarkOne did with his very last release on Boka Records, which was big time influenced by oriental sounds and mystic athmosphere. "I Am Animal" is quite calm and chilly, but comes with some spooky sounds and ethnic percussions that very well fit with the voodoo magic artwork of the cover sleeve. I doubt that anyone will brock out on the dancefloor to this as it is too far out but it's good for a true mindtrip. Maybe this is the next level - Ritual Grime or MythStep? I recently read about a geezer considering himself to play Conscious Grime and honestly I have no clue what this is meant to be.
Applebim's "Mystikal Warrior" on the flip is a true bassheavy Halfstep-weapon - spooky indeed but basicly built around an impressive, ultra-dark bassline which is by far heavier and more agressive than everything around these days. Massive headbanging on approximately 65 bpm. Pure madness, pure energy. Horrible.

South London-based label Rag & Bone, known for being stuck somewhere between dark ElectroBreaks, Industrial influences and experimental Grime, comes up with its ninth release so far which is exploring other than the usual terroritories. Title track "Isn't it powerful?" rips the classic early 1990's Techno/Rave-anthem "The House Of God" and puts the main samples plus parts of the 4/4 drumset into an oldskool '91/'92 Breakbeat context. One for the gloves- and whistle-kru but dark as dark can be. Whoa. The flip features two dry and quite static ElectroGrime choons which keep things very basic and will do their thing being thrown in a set as tools, bridges or whatever. Guess those tracks will also work with a Rhythm Industrial-crowd but I bet this two scenes Grime-geezers, Stepheadz and Industrial freaks will never meet ends.


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concious grime?!? reminds me of white metal :)

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