Thursday, November 24, 2005

26.11.05 Cut'n'Lupuz & baze.djunkiii Showcase @ Kiel TV / Kiel FM

Sometimes things happen quite spontaneously when you're into music. Received a phonecall from Roste - our tour manager which handles forthcoming Rudel Records tours which will be tearing up venues in 2006 - two days ago if we got time to travel to Kiel, a city up in North Germany, on next saturday for a showcase @ the "Nightlife Live" show, which will be transmitted live simultaneously at Kiel FM as well as broadcasted via Kiel TV.

So if you happen to be located in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein or even South Denmark make sure to have glimpse on your telly or take a listen via radio.

"Nightlife Live" starts at 20oo CET and will be transmitted live via

101.2 Kiel FM /Radio
Cable Channel S9 Kiel TV /Television

within the above mentioned territories. The whole show runs for 120 minutes and will include a 3 to 4 track Cut'n'Lupuz live set as well as a short Grime showcase DJ-set by baze.djunkiii plus - if there's enough time as we're not the only ones to be featured at the show - a bit of interview business. Chekkit!


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