Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Highball Music pres. Hardplayers in the Mix Vol. 2 - mixed by baze.djunkiii

1. Marc Green pres. Didje Kelli - White Noise (Grand Slam Mix)
2. Baphomet ft. Voodoo Man - Voodoo Party (Merlyn Remix)
3. Marc Green pres. MG - Die Maschinen laufen weiter (Stigmata Remix)
4. Jean The Ripper - Across the Star
5. Pet Duo vs. Holgi Star & Stereo Jack - Kaputt
6. Sebastian Prelar - Work that Bitch
7. Sebastian Prelar - Freaky Hoes
8. Club Baby - Babycore Part 2 (Felix Kröcher Remix)
9. Phase Encoder - Monorail Speeding (Original Mix)
10. Robert Natus & Arkus P - Hermoso (Tribal Mix)
11. Tadox - Luftloch
12. Martyn Hare - Creeper
13. Chip Tronic vs. Thomas Nordstroem - Blood Thirst

It's been throughout the summer that I've been locking myself down in the studio to mix & compile this MP3-compilation for the Hamburg-based label Highball Music which is well-appreciated by all fans of HardTechno in Germany & worldwide for being the home of artists like Tadox, Robert Natus, Felix Kröcher and others. The result is a ravey, storming mix of approx. 62 minutes length featuring 13 tracks from the Highball Music backcatalogue and associated labels. I tried to give a very live feel to the mix by using just a pair of Technics MKII turntables and a small battle mixer - no editing, ProTools or whatever in use, just pure HardTechno played raw & uncut. For all those appreciating upfront HardTechno as well as a proper mix there's a link to the Musicmail MP3 Shop where you can purchase this one.


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Ha, highball, what a fun. Greets to House Claus, the old sucker! ;-)

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