Sunday, March 05, 2006

Longplay love 15.0

Sascha Müller's album "natural" has been released as 016x on Pharmacom Records recently and must be regarded as true masterpiece of classical Ambient/Deep Listening music. Three warm, organic, beatless and ever changing tracks are covering a total running time of approximately 45 minutes which are highly recommended to all those who've been and still are deep into tunes like Somnambulists "Deeper Sleeper" that has been released on his "Nightflight E.P." on Electro Audio Response back in 1993. Perfect music to close your eyes, chill and calm down after spending hours out on the dancefloor. Btw - where are all those great Ambient-floors on which my generation of party people used to listen to great, kinda abstract and freestyle music floating around in the air on a lower volume level? Those places offering refreshment and relaxation, enough space to talk space and time, smoke some weed, have a drink and then go back to the dancefloor? Those meeting points where all your lost company would show up again in the early morning hours to pick you up and take back home? I want them back. 016y of Pharmacom Records is Das KNO's 9-tracker "Robotopia" which is a weird mixture of instrumental guitar music, some electronics and independent homemade Pop. Although this is not bad at all I guess it'll reach only a minority people as one needs a special kind of humour to dig music like this. Target group: fans of labels like Dhyana records and similar imprints.

Jel's new album "Soft Money" is to be released on Anticon. on march 17th, delivering 12 tracks of bouncing, abstract MutantHipHop - the kind of we all love Anticon. for. Most of them tracks are instrumental, all of them deep as shit and equipped with characteristic, kinda foggy, pillowy and un-clear aesthetics in sound that also can be found in tracks produced by Downbeat/Electronica legends as Boards Of Canada or Plaid. Can be yet regarded as one of the essential HipHop Not HipHop albums of 2006 at its day of release. Buy it!


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