Thursday, March 09, 2006

Longplay love 16.0

S.P.C.'s new album named "Sense Of Music Pt. I" has been released on Super 6 Records recently, containing eight tracks of deep techy stuff big time influenced by the sound of motor city Detroit as well as Electronica. Basicly this album is not meant for primetime dancefloor use - except one plays in front of an advanced audience which appreciates a kind of more, well, experimental 4-2-the-floor sound - but for more intimate, early morning moments in small sophisticated clubs. If you've been diggin' Quazars 1999-released album "21 Hours" on Superstition back then and still love to hear it and/or even play it out now it's "Sense Of Music Pt. I" which should also be part of your collection.

Mark Ankh's "Step To Freedom" is released as 008 of Super 6 Goodies which is a subdivision of Super 6 Records. Seven tracks of thrilling, top notch sci-fi Techno to be found here, each of them meant to cause serious damage on the dancefloor due to dark, futuristic athmosphere and alienating sounds in combination with growling basslines and kinda ravey hooks in a sense like Steve Mason used to play ravey in the mid-nineties. No cheese, just pure dancefloor madness. Excellent.

Former Sugarcubes front man Einar Örn teams up with icelandic multi-instrumentalist Curver for a new album release of his very own project Ghostigital named "In Cod We Trust" which is piped for march 17th as 070 on Mike Patton's Ipecac-imprint and provides a sonic Tour De Force through distorted, ultra-digital beats, occasional bleeps, weird effects and a mad mixture of lunatic SpokenWord-performance and mutant Rap-lyrics performed by the likes of Sensational, Dälek, Einar Örn himself and others. Guess that's what eclecticism is about and although some people might call this album rather artsy it is for sure one to check out. Ask your local dealer to get hold of a copy...


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