Sunday, March 26, 2006

Longplay love 18.0

Constellation Records are about to release the debut album of Montreal-based NoiseRock outfit Feu Therese entitled "Ferrari En Feu" on april 21st. Starting with a furious 4 minutes intro of unstructured electronic Noise, weirdo bleeps and low-fi sound FX before the first boost of guitar and drums breaks through the first track (...of the same title as the whole album) is exemplary for what the group consisting of Jonathan Parant of Fly Pan Am-fame, Alexandre St-Onge of Klaxon Gueule, Shalabi Effect and Ed Sans, sound artist Stephen De Oliveira and Luc Paradise stands for: long hypnotic tracks - five within a running time of about 41 minutes - building up slowly, effect-loaden, influenced by Bombast- and AvantgardeRock, but at the same time not feared of what might be regarded as a Pop-related reference when it comes to harmonies and chord structures as, no matter how many layers of sound are put upon each other, Feu Therese's music never becomes too harsh and disharmonic although there are noisy parts to be found and songs tend to break up sometimes and completely change direction. But whatever happens - at the end of the day remains melancholia which is, although a dark feeling, still a warm and comfortable mood.

Isis' guitarist Mike Gallagher released the new album of his solo project MGR (short for: Mustard Gas & Roses) via Neurot Recordings on march 17th. "Nova Lux" contains five untitled tracks creating a score'esque deep listening athmosphere on the border of droney Ambient and sparse PostRock minimalism if one is willing to refer to this term due to the use of a nearly unprocessed, hand-picked guitar which creates a warm and intimate athmosphere on this nice piece of organic music, which is highly recommended for headphone use in front of your fireplace, accompanied by an excellent bottle of red wine. And btw - Gallagher is responsible for the album's artwork, too, which perfectly reflects his music's expression and feel.

Cat.No. 041 on Neurot Recordings, piped for april 17th, is the second longplay output of San Francisco-based quartet Enablers named "Output Negative Space" which are exploring fields of smokey, down-to-earth AvantRock here. Spoken Word-based lyrics on top of intense tracks, each one starting out slowly, longing for a climax, finally culminating in powerful drums and heavy riffs. Defo an album that is to be listened more than once to fully unfold, a characteristic trait of what a good album should be like. For all those rather based in dance music than in Rock - imagine the intense feel of Howie B.'s 1997-classic "Take Your Partner By The Hand" transferred to Rock music and you'll get an idea of what "Output Negative Space" feels like.


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