Thursday, May 09, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2013

01. Stefan Goldmann - Ghost Hemiola [Macro]
Seems like there's a good time for silence these days although having a vinyl record playing can't never be fully sound free as there are always surface noises to deal with. This goes for last years grooveless PINK MINIMALISM as well as for Stefan Goldmann's "Ghost Hemiola" which serves a set of 2 x 66 empty - equals: silent - locked grooves spread over a double LP set for layering experiments, physical manipulation or whatever one can think of. Good concept is good. Conceptual art ftw.

02. Friction & Skream feat. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan - Kingpin [Shogun Audio 063]
What a banger - call it Halftime Drum'n'Bass or Drum'n'Grime or whatever, this one literally kills crowds within seconds. I gotta admit that although I'm neither a big fan of Friction nor Skream these days but seeing them teaming up with the Grime-related talents of P Money, Riko Dan and Scrufizzer and catering b-a-s-s lovers properly cannot be denied. Seminal tune that will be remembered in years. This goes not for the Calyx & Teebee remix on flip which is kind of o.k. though but nothing more than your average main floor thing.

03. Ulterior Motive - Right Here / Elephant Tune [Metalheadz]
Although Metalheadz hasn't been a consistent provider of flawless excellence throughout its long long history it's always a good idea to check out their latest releases 'coze they're usually releasing quality and - like in this case - are always up for the occasional groundbreaking 12" like this one which - at least afaik - features the first proper Dubstep tune that's released via Goldie's outlet. But let's talk "Right Here" first - seductive, unique vocals and a hypertense intro, deadly deep subs and a twisted but ever rolling beat foundation provide the right formula for all experienced Drum'n'Bass-headz whilst the "Elephant Tune" is a cold, static piece of SciFi Dubstep rolling with a crime scene feel that'll be surely loved by those still digging Distance's classic masterpiece of an album named  "My Demons". Pure futurist tension.

04. Cass. - Loops & Farewell Sketches *Special Limited Edition [Shhhh Records Promo]
The original album has been reviewed on these pages before but these days the limited version has been sitting in my postbox as well, a hand-numbered edition of 100 LPs only which includes a bonus C30 tape with even more intimate, beatless Ambient beauty served by Cass.. Ask your local dealer to hunt this one down for you.

05. Big City Orchestra - 6 Fairy Tales [Voluntary Whores Promo]
See review for details...

06. Martin Landsky - Ekko Traxx [Poker Flat Recordings 138 Promo]
See review for details... 

07. Les Clochards Du Monde - Etape [Major Label 057]
See review for details... 

08. Depeche Mode - Delta Machine [Columbia Records / Mute Records]
This one's a tricky one. Been listening to "Delta Machine" a few times via Spotify at the office before purchasing the double album on vinyl and I'm still not sure what to finally make of it but I realize that the album is growing on me more and more the more I listen to it and it truly has it moments although the big, goosebump Depeche Mode-moments and huge anthems are missing. Instead there's more deepness, more Electronic Blues and more wisdom, it's super-profound, intense and the late work of an aged band that totally has come to the essence of what they really want to do musically and say lyricwise. I'm pretty sure I'm going to fully embrace this album in a few years time and I'll never regret to have bought it although I wasn't convinced all over. Anyway, songs like "My Little Universe", "Slow" or "Alone" are those about to last forever, so give "Delta Machine" a try if you haven't checked the album yet.

09. Joasihno - A Lie [Alien Transistor]
See review for details... 

10. Kardiac - Play God [Hirntrust Grind Media Promo]
See review for details... 


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