Saturday, October 23, 2021

Nasturtium - Please Us [Room40 Promo]

Also scheduled for release on the digital circuit via Australia's Room40-imprint on September 17th, 2k21 is "Please Us", the five track debut album cooked up by the L.A.-based duo Nasturtium which combines the musical forces of Erin Dawson and Geneva Skeen over the course of roughly 38 minutes. Combining their influences including Ambient, Drone and even Doom Metal to create a unique sonic palette via the digital exchange of sound files over the internet the albums opener "Across Withered Grass" amalgamates brooding bass riffs, desolate and slightly off-kilter guitars and electronic backings to sonically depict barren, well icey landscapes not far off the arctic circle whereas "I Remember Everything, Almost Constantly" comes across as a warmer, more melancholia-driven and somewhat even folksy, naturalistic and inward looking piece in direct comparison to its predecessor. The subsequent cut that is "The Seat Of Compassion" keeps up with a rather brittle and decayed folksy guitar texture alongside scenic, large scale Dark Ambient panoramas, "Masseter" presents the most peaceful and comforting take on mixing up Instrumental Folk naturalisms and unsettling electronic textures on this album whilst the concluding cut that is "Earth Priority" weighs in barely audible echoes of Rock'n'Roll x PostRock loops buried by fm transmission artefacts and low quality emitters, later partially drowned in layers of Ambient pads and gently touched PopAmbient-leaning guitar strings for a closing. A well interesting and defo unusual release for the Room40 camp which sees the label stepping away from being a pure Ambient imprint despite still covering the range of what could be called Deep Listening Music with this one.


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