Sunday, October 30, 2022

Mathias Delplanque - O Seuil [Ici D'Ailleurs / Minds Travel Series 015]

Released as 015 of the Ici D'Ailleurs offshoot Minds Travel Series on September 23rd, 2k22 is "O Seuil", the latest longplayer by Nantes-based composer x artist Mathias Delplanque who's making a return to the label seven years after the release of his album "Drachen". Covering a total playtime of 55 minutes with all nine tracks subsequently numbered "Seuil 1 - 9" Mathias Delplanque starts out from a point of droning DarkAmbient frequencies accompanied by sparse tones of singularly plucked strings and a strongly prevalent, yet minimalist Desert Blues atmosphere, drifts off into large scale panoramic Ambient structures providing calm and shimmering harmonic pads in contrast to slow and creeping beats, works his way up towards spine-tingling, somewhat Cosmic and PsychedelicRock-infused Downtempo arrangements, caters sparse and spatial Deep Listening Music in cuts like "Seuil 4" whereas "Seuil 5" evokes faint memories of certain compositions by Jean Michel Jarre and even displays symphonic Pop sensibilities in pieces like "Seuil 7" just to name a few. This is not an album, this is an entire score laid out and waiting for the right movie director to pick it up for a fantastic, highly dramatic period piece.

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