Sunday, July 31, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 7

Hamburg-based label Audiolith have been putting out a great 7" this week. I do love this format as most of you do know, but I gotta admit that I discovered my love for colored 10"es, too. Musicwise it is Egotronic's turn to amuse consumers and dancer with great C64-/SID-chip trash and cheap vocoder vox. A-Side is co-produced by Saalschutz which appeared on Audiolith before, but Egotronic's solo-production "Nein Nein" is by far the better track here - a true dancefloor smash with a great story plus surprising turn indeed. Catch the lyrics if you can. Btw - the records sleeves artwork is top notch, too.

Another one from Hamburg to be coming up in September is the second record on Boys Noize. Cool Minimal Techno in an anti-phonk style - like LFO's "Freak" has been kinda anti-phonkee as well, mind to call it Querkopf Techno ? - , based on a rock-ish drum-programming which as well fits into some NuBreaks-sets is to be found on Side A, while Frank Martiniq delivers a remix treatment on the flip. His rework is a minimalistic tool with a massive pounding bass on the deeper sublow side but I guess I'm staying with the Original Version as there are too much intellectual micro-sounds, mini-bleeps, nano-crackles found in here. Great for homelistening but this remix treatment is not that kind of thing I want to move my ass to on the floor.
Additional info: Don't get puzzled by the mixed up label stickers and watch out for matrix information.

U2 have never been the one's to deny electronic remix treatment in the last decade and now they're back with a new remix single on Island Records. "City Of Blinding Lights"' main - and best - retreat is the "Phones P.D.A. in N.Y.C. Mix". Stretched out over 8minutes and 40 seconds it's an ideal tool to give the DJ a break, soundwise fits well alongside the likes of Tiefschwarz, Märtini Brös. and such and is a big anthem due to Bono's voice and nice string arrangement. If you're not into vox anyway leave it out as the "Paradise Soul Vocal Mix" is also on a singing tip. Try this while the sun sets as it is deep and trancey.


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