Friday, July 22, 2005

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 3

Shady Records associated rapper Stat Quo has a new album to come soon called "Statlanta" and the first single taken from it is out now. "Like Dat" represents perfectly what I like in US mainstream HipHop-stuff. Chilled, but still bouncing beats, fat booming basslines and weird electroid bleepy melodies plus deep orchestra-sounds. I could listen to those instrumentals for hours without getting bored and I keep most of the records for the version only, even if I dislike the main vocal track. But this time I'm into the vocals, too, as Stat Quo keeps his voice calm, clearly pronounced and straight on point without getting into senseless screaming and shouting as many contemporary rappers do these days.

G-Unit geezer The Game's album "The Documentary" hit the stores recently and to be honest "Dreams" produced by Kanye West
, which hit my P.O. box this morning is the first of his tracks meaning a thang to me. Very low tempo, big string arrangements and good lyrics this time, reflecting the last four years in his life and taking stills of what happened, thoughts and stuff... . Not a track to be called "conscious" at all but one that is thankful and not about bitches, bling and b-boys.


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