Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monoder - Hunger Forest [Pakkas Levyt 006]

Due to be released on June 5th via his own imprint Pakkas Levyt is "Hunger Forest", Monoder's first full length album which is highly recommended to all lovers of Intelligent- / Armchair Techno and quality Electronica. An overall of ten tracks are to be found on the CD version, telling stories of melancholia,urban decay, abandoned buildings, lonely nights, desolation and smashed in windows on top of decent, often dubbed out 4-2-the-floor beats. But still, there's no reason for despair as Monoder sees a far away light shining at the end of the tunnel. Not necessarily an album meant to fire up dancefloors but highly recommended to all those who like their electronic music deep and intelligent.

Vincenzo presents "The Phantom Image" [Poker Flat Recordings 104 Promo]

Fresh on the promo circuit is Vincenzo's second ever 12" single to be released on Poker Flat Recordings and once again he proves that he knows where Jack lives. Two box fresh dancefloor fillers are to be found here: bouncing, Chicago-related but with an up to date 2009 twist and well working for Minimal- as well as TechHouse-jocks. This guy is still hot after all these years so make sure to put "The Phantom Image" in your box as this one is essential - especially the anthemic "The Lab" is about to set dancefloors on fire within seconds.

Vincent Licata - Touched / Shattered [Chillzone Records 011]

New on Chillzone Records is Vincent Licata's two track E.P. "Touched / Shattered", serving all lovers of nice, jazzy but still danceable Downtempo tunes well. If compilation series like Squat Recordings' late-nineties "Triphoprisy" still mean big things to you check out "Touched" and feel musically pleased whilst "Shattered" is a tune for lovers of epic Ambient and synth orgies somewhat in between of Pink Floyd and Vangelis.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Datasette - The Aviatrix [Echo Echo 005 Promo]

Soon to come on Echo Echo is Datassette's newest output which is his four track E.P. "The Aviatrix" which is clearly not aiming at any other dancefloor than the experienced. Amalgamating Ambient-flavoured string constructions, Electronica-influenced structures and tricky Electro-esque beat science this one will be well apreciated by those who can do a thing with the music provided by artists like Boards Of Canada, Marco Passarani or Gescom as well as all those who still understand the term Intelligent Techno right.

06.06.2009 Terrace Hill / Hamburg

live on stage:

Le Fly [Hamburg]
Dakoton [Hamburg]


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Byte FM ]

doors open: 10 p.m.

Terrace Hill
Feldstrasse 66 / Hochbunker
20357 Hamburg

Friday, May 29, 2009

03.06.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: JDB @ Byte.FM

file under: Drum'n'Bass

baze.djunkiii serviert ein dreistündiges Drum’n’Bass-Set vorwiegend athmosphärischer, melodiöser Natur - vor Jahren auch unter dem durchaus umstrittenen Begriff Intelligent Drum’n’Bass zusammengefasst -, das allerdings auch durchaus ravige und auch dunkle Momente vorzuweisen hat und begibt sich auf eine Reise durch 10 Jahre Genregeschichte - längst verloren geglaubte Klassiker inklusive.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playlist: 28.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision @ Byte.FM


28.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 27.05.2009 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 28.05.2009 / 02.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Datasette - Weather Conditions [Echo Echo 005 Whitelabel]
2. Audision - Song Of The Ocean [Playmade Minus]
3. Paro - Kanelin [Pakkas Levyt 001]
4. Dubstar - Shining Through [Kompakt 011]
5. Monolake - Tangent II [ML 002]
6. Raudive - Christmas Tree [Poker Flat Recordings 098]
7. Steve Bug ft. Paris The Black Fu - Swallowed Too Much Bass [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]
8. A.C.I.D. Mission [Resopal 027]
9. Dalminjo - Love Affair *Martinez 4AM Eternal Lounge-Room Killer Mix [Orbit 009]
10.Alexi Delano - Not My Enemy [Audiomatique Recordings 021]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Vincenzo presents The Phantom Image - Thizz Izzz [Poker Flat Recordings 104 Promo]
2. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Exit 23 *Basic Mix [Terminal Antwerp]
3. Lydia Lunch - Master Alchemist II *Jori Hulkkonen Version [Echoism]
4. Steve Bug feat. Gigi - Like It Should Be [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]
5. Sven Zalac - Weekender [Shito 001]
6. Boys Noize - Volta 82 *Frank Martiniq Remix [BNR 002]
7. Tiefschwarz ft. Kylie - Issst German [Bootleg]
8. James Nidecker & Roger Valdez - $.e.x. *Secret Cinema Mix [Strom Recordings]
9. Christian Linder - Spellbound [Phono Elements 003]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

27.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Technovision @ Byte.FM

file under: Minimal Techno / TechHouse

In Vertretung für den krankheitsbedingten Ausfall von "Soundlook Radio" springt baze.djunkiii abseits des normalen Sendeturnus kurzfristig in die Bresche und dreht zwei Stunden lang am minimalen Teller.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 02.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Monday, May 25, 2009

Steve Bug - Collaboratory [Poker Flat Recordings]

Listening to Steve Bug's fourth studio album within his fifteen years lasting career in electronic music, which is to be released on his very own Poker Flat Recordings in shortest of time under the name of "Collaboratory" there's especially one word coming to mind: "deepness". Of course there are still some funk-fueled TechHouse-/Minimal-smashers to be found as there are the formerly released tunes "Tress Can Dance", "Month Of Sip" or the ultimate dancefloor killer "Swallowed To Much Bass" produced alongside Paris The Black Fu of Detroit Grand Pubahs-fame but going through the album it becomes obvious that not only DeepHouse has been influential but that there has been a new will to experiment, to play around with tempos and structures while Mr. Bug spent time in the studio lately - not only alone but accompanied by artists like Cle, Simon Flower, Donnacha Costello, Virgina Nascimento and others, all having contributed parts to "Collaboratory" which is a must-have for all lovers of quality electronic music.

02.06.2009 Plastik Phonk @ Meine Kleinraumdisko / Hamburg

file under: Downbeat / Headz / Freestyle / Vintage

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte FM ]

doors: 9 PM

Meine Kleinraumdisko
Neuer Kamp 17
20357 Hamburg

Sunday, May 24, 2009

01.06.2009 Eclectic Groovez @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: DeepHouse / DubTechno / Armchair Techno

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Phoenix - Lisztomania [Cooperative Music]

Taken off Phoenix' recent album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" is this 12", meant to please Indie- and Electronic Music-jocks the same. Whilst the original Album Version is a sweet easy and positive piece of Indie Pop about to set floors with especially young female crowds on fire the likes of Alex Metric and Yuksek provide proper dancefloor fodder for electronics clubs - functional, but inferior to the original tune. Not necessarily essential, but defo to be filed as well done.

Cortney Tidwell - Watusii [City Slang]

Soon to be released via City Slang is Cortney Tidwell's new single "Watusii" taken off her forthcoming album "Boys". Coming straight outta Nashville the included Single Edit is closer to the queen of Icelands music seen - yes, we're talking Björk here - than to anything you'd expect coming from Nashville and due to that can't be bad at all, maybe even the best version featured on this release. Remixwise we've Simon Baker and Daphni - better known as Caribou or, to his parents, Dan Snaith - on the controls, serving straight floor-orientated 4/4 versions, the latter mentioned in a way more creative and open-minded way that is about to work advanced crowds well although his intro might seem a bit unusual at first sight.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Collision Course: The Best Of Luscious Sounds [Luscious Sounds DD003]

To be released on the digital circuit via Azzido Da Bass' Luscious Sounds-imprint on june 19th is this retrospective compilation covering no less than 16 tracks from the labels back catalogue of the last 4 and a bit, at least nearly 5 years. Although I'm not the biggest fan of digital only release politics this one is to be checked by all those who missed the first - and most groundbreaking - releases that set path for a musical mission somewhat influenced by Electro- and NuSkoolBreakz as well as picking up glitzy ElectroHouse vibes alongside a bit of what was called NuRave lately. If you're into that or about to jump on the bandwagon right now tracks like Azzido Da Bass feat. Digitalism "Strobelights" or The World Domination "F**machine" will appeal to you for sure.

Playlist: 21.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM


21.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 20.05.2009 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 21.05.2009 / 03.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling [Skull Disco 008 Promo]
2. Pole - Achterbahn *Shackleton Remix [~scape 049]
3. Shackleton - Shortwave *Pole Remix [~scape 055]
4. DJ Maxximus - Neo *Shackleton’s Neo Bln Rmx [MG77 Recordings]
5. Kulture - Lost Emotions [Disfigured Dubz]
6. Benga & Walsh - Dreamscape 24 [Immerse 001]
7. Caspa - For The Kids [Dub Police 003]
8. Dexterity Of Dub E.P. [DI 002 Whitelabel]
9. Bad Influence - Nuttin Much [Bad Influence Dubs]
10.On And On [HOTBIZ 001]
11.Skream - Morning Blues [Tempa]
12.Rossi B & Luca - Ghost Town [A.R.M.Y. 006]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Turbulence - Notorious [VP Records]
2. Rossi B & Luca - Nobody Knows [Heavy Artillery 003]
3. Hot Boys [HOTBIZ 001]
4. Wiley - Bow E 3 *Instrumental [Big Dada]
5. Rossi B & Luca feat. Gully Gang - Music Money [A.R.M.Y. 006]
6. Neil Landstrumm - Ross Kemp as Pixel [Planet µ]
7. Neil Landstrumm - Mask Of Musk [Planet µ]
8. Future Cut vs. Fallacy ft. Goldfinger & Big Wez - Drug Of Choice *Dirty [Ahead Of The Game]
9. D. Dark - Witness War [Touchdown Records]
10.Jack Beats vs. Fallacy - Keep It Ringing *Dirty [Ahead Of The Game]
11.Santogold vs Switch &. Freq Nasty - Creator [Lizard 107]
12.Soulja Boy - Crank That (Soulja Boy) [Interscope]
13.Neil Landstrumm with Carlton Killawatt - Shit Daddy Bass [Planet µ]
14.J Courage - Guardian ]Trenchant]
15.D. Dark - Skeletor [Touchdown Records]
16.Rossi B & Luca - Optimus Prime [Heavy Artillery 003]
17.Mala - Learn [DMZ 012]

02.00 - 03.00

1. Digital Mystikz - Stuck [DMZ 005]
2. Skream - Angry [Ital 001]
3. Omen - Aphrodite [Tectonic 005]
4. Kulture - Diesel [Disfigured Dubz]
5. D. Dark - Mission Riddim [Touchdown Records]
6. Roadside [KI 001 Whitelabel]
7. Dexterity Of Dub E.P. [DI 002 Whitelabel]
8. DJ Mondie - Shower [MOND006]
9. Distance - Night Visions [Planet µ]
10.Distance - Travels [Ringo Records]
11.Digital Mystikz - Neverland [DMZ 005]
12.Bad Influence - Chat–Bout [Bad Influence Dubs]
13.South3rn - Mangione Tribe Dub [Lo Dubs]
14.S.N.O. - Disturbance [Earwax 001]
15.The Others - Underworld [Boka 011]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25.05.2009 Dereliction Of Now @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Experimental Electronics

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Monday, May 18, 2009

Subsonic Park - Echoes From The Inside [Elux Records 002]

You love your Techno? You love your Dub as well? And you're a fan of Basic Channel and the likes of for ages? Then this release has to become a part of your collection soon. Subsonic Park, the collaborational outfit of Gabriel Le Mar and Alex Azary, have three tracks of their forthcoming album remixed upfront and as far one can jugde, they've been remixed for good. "Code Two" is re-fixed by the man Brendon Moeller, which delivers one of his best works within his seemingly neverending string of releases flooding the stores in the last months - classy DubTechno stuff at its best. Aku Aku takes care of "Find U Tonight" remixwise and serves positive dancefloor fodder for all those jacks balancing on the border of groovy DeepHouse and funky Minimalism, while Quantum StarDub's version of "Zoologic" is on a nice dubby tip again, but unfortunately released as digital only bonus track so I won't be able to play that one out as I still stick with a vinyl and dubplates policy when I deejay.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bondage Fairies - Cheap Italian Wine [Lobotom Records / Audiolith]

You like your Indie a bit distorted and spiced up with some cheap, bleepy electronic sounds? Then it might be that Bondage Fairies might turn into your favorite band of choice as they've just released their album "Cheap Italian Wine" via Lobotom Records / Audiolith. 16 tracks are to be found here, all quite short in length but a few of them are meant to evolve into underground dancefloor anthems within shortest of time. "Her Disease" and "NV4.dll" are two of them. Check.

Toph Subderground - Omniverse E.P. [Super 6 Records]

Another one to be released on Super 6 Records in june is the four track "Omniverse E.P." by Toph Subderground. Self-referring to his sound as "funky-tribe-tech" it is obvious that the Funk mentioned is the electronic TechnoFunk of motor city, 313 or Detroit as the city is better known to most of the people out there. Mixing that up with special DJ-techniques like some scratches, stuttering highspeed cuts and others - especially check the track "Mov In" for this - as well as a pure dose of uptempo Techno this one is defo to be called a good one which I'd love to play out if it was put on the vinyl circuit.

DJ Pablishhh! - Begin [Super 6 Records 041]

Scheduled for release on Super 6 Records in early june is DJ Pablishhh!'s "Begin", a seven track digital release that serves percussive, toolish and tribalistic Club techno with a deep and funky edge loved and understood in any venue with what has to be called an experienced audience which can roll forever on just drums, hats and a big bass groove. If you love the tribalistic big room sound of New York or Miami you're likely to love this one as well.

Sascha Müller vs. J. Garrett - VHA [Super 6 Records 040]

A new two-tracker on Super 6 Records, made and meant for those who love their electronic dance music raw & uncut. Both mixes, the "VHA *Acid Mix" as well as "Sascha Müller Distortion Remix" deliver nothing less than brutal HardAcid for illegal underground bunker raves that still take place all over the world. Feel that spirit.

Friday, May 15, 2009

20.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Clashment @ Byte.FM

file under: Dubstep / Grime / Mythstep

Bassmusik. Dubstep, Grime, Mythstep. Im dreistündigen Mix, gespickt mit vielen Klassikern aus den frühen Tagen der Bewegung, die mittlerweile leider zu einer sehr formelhaften verkommen ist. Obwohl Grosses hätte passieren können, denn der Weg zu einer neuartigen, vielleicht sogar wieder futuristischen Ästhetik der elektronischen Tanzmusik schien geebnet. Hört selbst.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

transmission starts: 23.59 [GMT+1]

transmission runs up to: 03.00 [GMT +1]

tune in @ Byte.FM

Video: Music For Your Heart - Unwound

Album is due on Sunday Service in August 2009.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eminem - We Made You [Aftermath Records]

Em is back on the promo circuit with his new 12" and delivers a swinging, feel-good summer-flavored song with "We Made You" musicwise but serves a few highly critical lines on top that hopefully will be understood by the ones they point to. Listen up kids as this piece of Pop carries a message.

19.05.2009 Adventures In DeepHouse @ Meine Kleinraumdisko / Hamburg

file under: DeepHouse / (Neo)Disco / DubTechno

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte FM ]

doors: 9 PM

Meine Kleinraumdisko
Neuer Kamp 17
20357 Hamburg

18.05.2009 In 2 Headz @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Downbeat / Headz / Dope Beats / Chemical Beatz

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM ]

doors: 9 P.M.

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Thursday, May 07, 2009

14.05.2009 Plutonium Pogo feat. The Dance Inc. @ Molotow / Hamburg

14.05.2009 Plutonium Pogo feat. The Dance Inc. @ Molotow / Hamburg

live on stage:
The Dance Inc. [Audiolith / Hamburg]

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]
Martin Moritz [Glutamat]

press info:

Plutonium Pogo als Grenzgänger zwischen Konzertevent, Party und Club geht in die dritte Runde und präsentiert mit The Dance Inc. eine Band, die ihr zu Hause unter dem Dach des legendären Hamburger Labels Audiolith gefunden hat und dort ihre Variante tanzflächenfüllender Musik veröffentlicht. Grosses Songwriting im Sinne des SynthPop der 80er gepaart mit treibend-elektronischen Beats sowie einem sicheren Gespür für Hooklines und Ohrwürmer bescheinigen The Dance Inc. das Potential für die ganz grosse Bühne, trotzdem gelten sie immer noch als Geheimtipp auch wenn es nur eine Frage der Zeit ist, bis sie auf selbiger stehen.

Eingerahmt wird die Liveshow von DJ-Sets der besonderen Art. Unter dem übergreifenden Motto des "elektronischen Indiepunk für Clubgänger" stehen der Hamburger Musik-Multiaktivist baze.djunkiii, u.a. auf Sendung bei Byte.FM und Molotow-Stammgästen auch als Meanie-Bar-DJ wohlbekannt, und Tausendsassa Martin Moritz, der nicht nur im Rahmen von Partyreihen wie Glutamat oder als Gast-DJ bei Gedeih & Verderb schon viele Häuser gerockt hat, an den Plattentellern und liefern dicke Beats für die Pre- und Afterparty.

doors: 9 P.M.
door fee: 5 EU


Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Playlist: 07.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Booty. @ Byte.FM


07.05.2009 baze.djunkiii presents: Booty. @ Byte.FM

transmission started: 06.05.2009 / 23.59 GMT+1

transmission ended: 07.05.2009 / 02.00 GMT+1

00.00 - 01.00

1. Arne Weinberg - Spectral Disease [AW 001]
2. Glammerlicious - Aquarium [Pigeon Records]
3. Motec Registered [Intrauterin Recordings 001]
4. [C90 Rules OK! 002 Promo]
5. Peter Spieß - Doors Still Closed…? [POP.:11]
6. Ectomorph - Being Remix [TFSM / Push 004]
7. Special Patrol Group - London, London [TCR]
8. Le Car - Flame Job [Ersatz Audio]
9. Passarani - Phonok *Original [Skam 017]
10.Marco Passarani - Red Panda Sunrise [Peacefrog]
11.Transparent Sound - Variations Of An Attitude [Exceptional]
12.Paul Kalkbrenner - Tatü-Tata [BPitch Control]

01.00 - 02.00

1. Abstract Thought - Me Want Woman’s Punani [Kombination Research]
2. Abstract Thought - Solar Pulse [Kombination Research]
3. Ectomorph - Audiofile 10: Ectomorph Version [Ersatz Audio]
4. Miss Kittin & The Hacker - The Grey Area [International DeeJay Gigolo 009]
5. Direct Control - I Drive My Spaceship [Das Drehmoment]
6. DMX Krew - Cold Heart Part II [International DeeJay Gigolo 012]
7. [MB 006 Bootleg]
8. Carl A. Finlow - Polygon Girl [Device Recordings]
9. Kiki - The End Of The World [BPitch Control 093]
10.Scape One - Simple Machines [Longhaul]
11.DJ Vic - Shut Down *DJ Zigi Electro Mix [Antifhaza]
12.DJ Tomcraft - Mind *Eniac’s Electro Boogie Mix [Kosmo]
13.Dynamix II - Sedona *Acapella [Monotone USA]

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

12.05.2009 Nacht Aus Beton @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: (No)Wave / PostPunk / Indie / ElectroPunk / Ingenious Dilletantes

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

11.05.2009 Urban!zm @ Meaniebar / Hamburg

file under: Dubstep / Grime / MythStep

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

doors: 9 PM

Spielbudenplatz 5
Hamburg St. Pauli

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ira Atari - My Name Is Ira *Piano Version

Sunday, May 03, 2009

09.05.2009 In-Store Showcase @ American Apparel Community Store / Hamburg

file under: DeepHouse / (Neo)Disco

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records / Byte.FM]

showcase starts: 2 PM

American Apparel Community Store Jungfernstieg
Jungfernstieg 51
20354 Hamburg

Friday, May 01, 2009

Frustrating fact.

It's May 2009, I'm dj'ing for more than ten years now and ever since I've been putting together a monthly top ten, a list of favorite new tunes which have been recently released or put on the promo circuit. Today, looking back on the releases of the last weeks it's the first time in ages if not the first time ever that I'm not able to do that as the last month provided nearly nothing good, interesting and new for me to include in my sets. I'm not too sure if that's only due to my eclectic taste in (electronic) music or if the scene seems to be going down. Time will tell.