Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Berlin Impression

Taken at Telepathic Bubblebath and posted via Henriko S. Sagert. To be found in this pic are baze.djunkiii, KZO, DJ Da Cut of Rudel Records and Wolf Kemker of

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hangin' Out At Liquid Sky Berlin / 28.07.2013

baze.djunkiii / ADSX

baze.djunkiii / Wolf Kemker of / Jan / ADSX / Tibox of Blim Records, Paris

baze.djunkiii / Wolf Kemker of / Jan

baze.djunkiii / Dr. Walker / Bad Bad Tom / Tibox of Blim Records, Paris + Moog

Photos taken by Wolf Kemker of

What a great weekend - shouts to Maya & KZO, Dr. Walker, Michael Rother, FM Einheit, Mijk Van Dijk, Jette Von Roth, Renaat Vandepapeliere, Tibox, Wolf Kemker, Andrea, Dom, Monsieur Fleury, ADSX, Suse S Herzt Tanzt, the russian guy who paid a whole lot of drinks on friday and all other folks I've met.See you soon.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Reeko w/ Architectural - The Blue Album [PoleGroup 018 Promo]

Scheduled for September 16th via PoleGroup is "The Blue Album" by the spanish producer Juan Rico who melts his project Reeco and Architectural into one for the release of this eight track album journey. With a musical range from Ambient to dark'ish, pumping Techno, sometimes crossing over into more melodic motor city-influenced as well as tense, cold sci-fi'esque realms which are covered with reverbs and echoes taken from classic DubTechno Mr. Reeko serves a super solid modernist longplay piece catering all things timeless and functional in todays electronic music - a piece good for now and ever, especially when it comes to some sweet sound trickery like the backward loops in "Startling Idea" or the spatial, floating DubAmbient to be found in the closing track "The Universal Dream". Good one.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Christine Nogociella - Dierows / Virgin / Seams [A86.H]

One of the more mysterious and puzzling submissions that has been sitting in my P.O. box  recently is this triple pack of cassette tapes. Stamped with the file number "A86.H / Christine Nogociella" and a warning coming from the offices of the Department Of Defense / Defensive Investigative Service and stickered each with one of the single words that are mentioned as title there's absolutely no clue who has sent them and what's their origin. Curious and ready to spend a bit of time to go through these the "Dierows" tape comes along as a deep floating piece of calming Ambient music with a few - possibly illegaly - field recorded passages of radio communication and some cold, alienating layers of sound that are completely non-manmade and well irritating. Whatever has created these sections you do not want to meet it - neither in the dark nor during daytimes. Same goes for the flipside of "Dierows" which appears to me more moody and threatening although it does not deal with sounds that are obviously harsher than the ones used on the first one. And quite surprisingly the B side stops in what sees to be the middle of the recording which makes the all over feel even more uncomfortable. Continuing the journey with the "Seams" tape we find ourselves delving deep into the world of dark'ish, but not necessarily evil, dronescapes that will be well-appealing to all those in love with the sound of the semi-legendary Kallabris project and it's tales of oceanic, sorrow-driven beauty which are - as the well-aware listener recognized years ago - mostly tales of war, especially of it's death and catastrophes in minor key. When it comes to the second side of "Seams"  also written with an ear for the ultra low frequencies as steady sub bass pulses cause heavy eardrum and gut vibration underneath a floating Ambient'ish soundscape. Finally the "Virgin" tape takes care of warm droning and an embracing overall athmosphere that's slow near to static - like watching evolutionary progress in realtime. One can't really tell how long this tape is as it really takes you out of your everyday space-time matrix and catapults you into spheres beyond all that. It just sucks you in to another realm and no matter what that D.O.D. / D.I.S. warning is all about - maybe these time altering frequencies are referred to as future weapon -  if you're a true Ambient / Drone head you better go and try to hunt this triplet down for a reason.

Kris Wadsworth - Death [Get Physical Music 216 Whitelabel]

Get Physical besticht dieser Tage mit einer konsequent variantenreichen und doch in allen Belangen weitgehendst überzeugenden 12“ aus der Feder von Kris Wadsworth, der mit dem in Zusammenarbeit mit Jimmy Edgar entstandenen Opener „Ivory 313“ den längst verloren gegangenen Geist des Minimal Techno beschwört, der auf „Showtime“ eine Allianz mit rohen, prügelharten House-Skizzen eingeht und damit trotz tendenziell verträumten Überbaus jeden Club konsequent bewegt. Die eigentlichen Überraschungen verbergen sich jedoch auf der Flipside, wagt sich Wadsworth doch mit „The Boring People“ in rudimentäre Jungle-Gefilde um dort Deepness mit Gangster-Attitude zu verbinden, während die Elektro-Exkursion „Life & Death“ mit düsterem RoboPhonk zu Breakdance-Einlagen vor apokalyptischer Kulisse animiert.

This one was also originally written for FAZE Magazin but remained unpublished in the print issue.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Echo Inspectors - Lunar Shadows [Primary [Colours] 001]

DubTechno wie er im Buche steht, geprägt von meterlangen Hallfahnen, im Subbereich agierenden Bässen, weichen und treibenden Bassdrums und einer Laufzeit, die dem Originaltrack einen entsprechenden Entwicklungsspielraum lässt. Was braucht es mehr zum Glück? Vielleicht wie hier einen Luke Hess als Remixer, der zwar die Geschwindigkeit merklich anzieht, aber sich immer noch auf die Essenz versteht. Gute Platte.

Another lost review from the archives - originally written for FAZE Magazine but unpublished for unknown reasons.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Aniyo Kore - Y [Et Voila]

On the circuit for quite a few weeks now is "Y" the second longplay album of the highly admirable saviours of vocal-driven TripHop / Downbeat named [aniYo kore] which was already pre-announced in February on these pages. And once again - although they seem to include a little more of a Folk-related, intimate feel here which may be caused by their special use of bass & guitars here  - they're totally keeping a touching balance of fragile vocal efforts telling tales of love and sorrow, story-accomplishing sample wizzardry, special underwater-sounding sonic fragments and structures alongside a little more dancefloor focusing beats compared to their debut longplayer and pieces that surely make your head nod heavily within the shortest of time. I guess I've said that before and I'll keep repeating - [aniYo kore] are here to outplay bands like the allover appreciated Portishead for a reason. Deep. And recommended for sure, especially for breathtaking songs like "Remedy" or the killer dope HipHop-beats featured on "Praise Him" featuring Bedlam Mind.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Facial Mess / Seal Team 666 - Human Is As Stupid Does [Hirntrust Grind Media 036 Promo]

Coming soon via the beloved - but not lovely - Hirntrust Grind Media camp is another brutalist 7" assault for those who like to dig deeply in sonic mud. Whilst Facial Mess' "No Intrinsic Value" can be describe as Mutant Grindstep with a heart for everything screeching and heavily distorted we see Seal Team 666 slaughtering their "Autocorpse" with machine gun-like fire of Rhythm Industrial vs. Breakcore beats, using deadly mutated guitar riffs as additional audio chainsaw which is good. Plus: this piece comes with additional patch and art insert for collectors. That's what I call taking care of customer needs.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sascha Müller [Super 6 Extra 008]

The next full length audio assault by the man they call Sascha Müller put on the circuit via Super 6 Records is another superb 12 track excursion into the realms of proper banging Techno & related with nothing but a straight uptempo dancefloor attitude. And it's the first track "Brainscan" in it's Original Mix that makes this statement with it's undeniable rootage in Rave and AcidTrance that is even more obvious in the so-called "Euroscan Mix" featuring cliche, but heavily uplifting HardTrance melodies and snare rolls that make all trueskool ravers smile for a reason - what a flashback. Furthermore we'll find sweet Electro / Tech-hybrids with a minimalistic, Jeff Mills-influenced touch, tripping and ever modulating pieces with a tense, flangered feel like "Plattenbau" and beatless, but frolicking Ambient Electronica - "Bewegungen" - and bouncing primetime affairs for huge floors alongside other niceness from what's assumed to be the busiest studio in Germany.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2013

01. Depeche Mode - Soothe My Soul [Columbia Records / Mute]
What a blast this single is. The more I listen to anything taken from Depeche Mode's recent album "Delta Machine" the more I start to embrace it and that's exactly what I presumed when I purchased their latest longplay effort. With this 12" they find themselves remixed by the likes of Steve Angello vs. Jacques Lu Cont, Gregor Tresher, Destructo and Matador - all of them not my very favorite or most trusted producers of the moment but the way how they manage to create pure uplifting - and partly ElectroHouse - anthems out of the given source material is nothing but top notch. A killer single for primetime dancefloor situations when the beat just goes booom.

02. Jean Bruce / Minimum Syndicat - Rave Gener8tor EP [Nocturbulous Records]
It's 1991 again, folks. The ultimate oldskool Rave & UK Hardcore emulating 12" EP of the month is served by french underground activists Jean Bruce & Minimum Syndicat who perfectly recreate big room killing hoover signals, raw unprocessed breakbeats and other essential classic ingredients for the 'ardcore glowstick posse. Plus: Mark Archer of Altern8, Bizarre Inc and Nexus 21 fame is at the controls for a remix and he's still able to rock 'em ravers after all these years. Great.

03. Thomas Manegold featuring Lisa Morgenstern - Vorgespräch Mit Goth [Edition Subkultur]
See review for details...

04. Aksutique - Notch Fields EP [Diametric. 016 Whitelabel]
If you're up for the deep and dubby this one might be well appealing to you. On the circuit as hand-numbered and limited to 300 pressing and even way more limited whitelabel testpress Aksutique's "Notch Field EP" explores the border of Deep Listening Electronica, Ambient soundscapes and calm background emmissions floating away like a warm, ever-embracing ocean. Four tracks on this 12" which is highly recommended to all Ambient headz and lovers of Stefan Betke a.k.a. Pole's early works worldwide. Plus: to all fans of Arne Weinberg as he serves a secret remix under his Valanx-moniker here.

05. Eshu - Bromine [Space Promo]
As functional as functional can get. The quadruple pack of Roger Gerressen, Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daniel Lekatompessy serves Techno and subaquatic Minimalism in it's most pure, essential and stripped down form. Limited edition pressing on clear vinyl and a must have piece for all Techno heads.

06. Various Artists - Antime v2 [Antime 001 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Various Artists - Works [Kiosk Records]
Massive thing. The french label Kiosk Records which is well known for it's quite eclectic and leftfield release politics within a musical range from early Mutant HipHop to Glitch, Ambient or Dubstep including explorations of uptempo Drum'n'Bass patterns releases it's very first full length various artists album that is meant to turn some heads around as it - apart from one DarkJungle tune - fully focuses on Juke and Footwork. With tunes by scene greats as Traxman with his massive "Were Your Gone Rune Too" as well as ultimate sex tracks from the studios of Pushy!, Likhan, Synaptic, heavy RaveJuke attempts from the likes of K.Gol & Wheel and a baaad ass hit by Leatherface named "C And C" (read c's as crack and cocaine) "Works" is surely the best Juke / Footwork compilation out on vinyl to date. You need this if you love your 808 bass right.

08. The Analog Roland Orchestra - Patterns 1 / 2 [Rotary Cocktail Recordings Promo]
More DubTechno, this time paired with quite uplifting and (Neo)Trance-related, squeezed and filtered synth sequences to be found in "Pattern Two" whilst "Pattern One" rides a similar vibe but is one a more 'troity tip. Recommended and well good.

09. Krumble - Friends And Enemies / Waterman [Jungle Therapy Ltd. 02]
Well, as someone who left the Drum'n'Bass DJ circuit some years ago it's quite rare to find any 12" in that genre at all giving you thrills again but the french man they call  Krumble is one of these fellas able to squeeze all the experimentation, darkness and pure evil into a single track that I loved so much when I was spinning that stuff years ago. With both tracks I can literally see and feel the ultimate destruction and mayhem they'll cause on the floor - "Waterman" through it's ultracompressed hate and will to kill whilst "Friends And Enemies" abuses the beloved vocal sample taken from the Norman Cook-classic "Dub Be Good To Me" and transfers it to a sweet stepping anthem with massive amen brockouts. Essential.

10. Hydergine [Separate Skills 006 Testpress]
Two pieces of straight, classic DubTechno on a stickered whitelabel. Nuff has been said about that style that creates some deep, embracing and floating magick off a few, only slightly changing ingredients since 20 years now and this 12" exactly meets that timeless attitude. Good stuff is good. You can't prove me wrong.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Telepathic Bubbleteaser

Monday, July 15, 2013

27.07.2013 Das Rotationsprinzip @ Secret Location / Berlin - Telepathic Bubblebath Aftershow

doors open from: Saturday 22oo – Sunday 22oo


baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / / Psychedelic Kitchen / Hamburg]
Frank Bosse [Liquid Sky Berlin]
+ more members of the Liquid Sky family

„Something for your mind, your body and your soul...“ - these words have been closely bond to the electronic music scene since day dot and this is where we come from. A collective crew of individuals and free spirits of a similar kind gathering at the „Telepathic Bubblebath“ daytime open air and willing to party all throughout the night and the day after again.

Catering a fine selection of electronic beats from the decks of our longtime Hamburg-based friend, underground music activist and die-hard vinyl lover baze.djunkiii, the ornamental painter, 3D motion graphic programmer and DJ of nearly two decades Sheldon Drake as well as Frank Bosse, newest member of the Liquid Sky Berlin family coming up with a straight „Techno. Not fun.“-atttitude „Das Rotationsprinzip“ transfers the vibe of our daytime event into the night.

Expect surprise acts & tripped out live jams, trueskool DJ-sets, pure vinyl action and the very birthday celebration fest of the one and only Liquid Sky Berlin founder Dr. Walker – all brought to you within 24 hours of non-stop tripping music and hypnotic grooves.

It's a family thang and you are invited to take part in it.

Location will be announced at the „Telepathic Bubblebath“ open air.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adrian Corker - Raise [Village Green Promo]

Scheduled for mid-August via Village Green is Adrian Corker's most recent album "Raise" which can be filed under the flag of Ambient PostJazz meets (Neo)Classical with a slightly electronic and experimental touch and intense but intimate, partly even medieval athmospheres. Well known for his collaborations with Paul Conboy happening about a decade ago on the still well-spoken Vertical Forms label his conceptual solo effort sees Mr. Corker inviting several guest musicians like Helgi Jonsson, Jack Wylie of Portico Quartet-fame or the whole Elysian Quartet to join the mostly improvised recording sessions at several spaces that - after the recording process - were carefully manipulated and reprocessed without taking away any of the close, organic feel that makes "Raise" a perfect album for autumnal home consumption in front of an open fireplace. Sweet one, get.

Azelia Banks - 212

Bassline House in full effect. Banger.

via @SnoopyEnVogue

Saturday, July 13, 2013

27.07.2013 Liquid Sky Berlin presentz Telepathic Bubblebath Open Air / Berlin

line up includes:
mijk van dijk (nufunkfiles / liquid sky berlin) live
air liquide (blue / harvest) live
craig anderton (gibson guitars usa) live
henry (gibson guitars usa) live
harald blüchel (cosmic baby) live
nerk (toktok / djungle fever / v records) live
klaus & achim selbst (familie selbst / m-bia)
ed2000 (dangerous drums) live
adsx (liquid sky berlin) live
paul heimweh (liquid sky berlin / biesentales / kater h) live
bad bad tom (liquid sky berlin / kodoish stockholm) live
monsieur fleury (xxc3 / liquid sky berlin / lblim records paris) live
datis 5 L (liquid sky berlin) live
elec ice (liquid sky berlin / der fischladen) live
der schwarze roy (der fischladen) live
michael rother 
(ex kraftwerk / ex neu! / harmonia) live
 (head of r&s records / apollo records belgium)
fm einheit
 (ex einstürzende neubauten / ex abwärts) live 

else - unter der elsenbrücke
an den treptowers 10
s bahn station treptower park
12435 berlin
Check in via facebook...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Andre Lodemann - Imagine [Dessous Recordings 115 Promo]

Scheduled for end of July is the next edition of Dessous Recordings so-called "limited" series which is - as one can guess - released on a limited print run of 12"es alongside the digital format. What we're about to find as title track of the labels 115th release is a decent, intimate House cut that features moony vocalised chants on top of slightly jazzy pianos and a deep organic bassline which, combined as found, are able to run for hours without boring the hell out of the dancefloor. And it's interestingly only in the very ends part that the tunes minimal climax appears before fading out into the darkness of the night. "Eyes Wide Open" on the flip is another cut riding a similar vibe which is to be appreciated by all House music connaisseurs as it replaces melancholy with light hearted vernality and nice but frolicking bassline figures for all those happy couples who love to fall in love on the dancefloor again and again. Furthermore Alix Alvarez serves a sweet recut version crafted in his Bronx / NYC-based studio and introduces himself to the Dessous Recordings family with an organic but powerful TechHouse-vision that takes good care of the playful melody and adds some extra force by the use of demanding, straightforward hi-hats that perfectly heat up the dancefloor crowd in time. Nice.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sascha Müller [Super 6 Records Extra 006]

Due to a shitload of work this untitled,  April 2013-released album of what's maybe the world's most productive electronic music composer ever eventually got lost under an ever - and faster than ever - growing pile of promos sitting on our desk but is without a doubt one that no digital buying Techno fan should miss. A fine collection of twelve real bangers which are reminding me of good old Tresor days when producers like Cisco Ferreira, Robert Hood or Mark Broom rocked the world with their ultra dry and functional, signal-driven and ever climaxing high speed tunes. Despite this musical focus Mr. Müller also serves a nice, nearly 10 minutes long exploration of bleepy, electroid realms named "First Pictures From The Moon", a deep minimalistic Techno workout with a seductively filtered, ever repeating male vox evoking the timeless Techno voodoo formula "Let The Music Take Control" and a sweet, tribalistic drum excess named "Load That Weapon" which is defo made for high voltage sets only and so is the screeching Acid excess of "Voltage Level". Quality gem - get. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Ira Atari - Wish I Had

Dear Ira. I'm totally feeling that song. You know the score. Broken hearts suck. And wounds do not heal. No matter what they say.

Tune on repeat. Over and over again.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bloodgroup - Nothing Is Written In The Stars (Official Video)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

baze.djunkiii Contributes To: Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten

About four weeks ago the new DIY underground magazine Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten was introduced to the readers of these pages at the occasion of their first issue which seems to be still available via the Shhhhop these days.

As things are developing quickly news have it that baze.djunkiii will be contributing to the second issue of Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten which will be available in the near future. Talks include further collaborations as well as the mag is heartwarmingly leftfield and totally over the top. Watch out.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

David Sardelle Is Treating A Legend Right

If you don't know about the original yet try to grab one of the last copies available. Don't know where? Do some research.

Mint 4000 - Ride On Time EP [Appian Sounds 002]

Limitiert auf 311 handnummerierte Exemplare zieht diese 4-Track EP aus der Feder von Mint 4000 ihre Kreise auf den Plattentellern dieser Welt und balanciert dabei geschickt zwischen bassbetontem Viererfuß mit deutlichen DubTechno-Referenzen, dem fast schon obligatorischen Detroit-Bezug und einer gewissen Deepness, ohne jedoch dabei wirklich aus dem Kontext vieler ähnlich gearteter Produktionen herauszustechen. Für Neueinsteiger spannend, für alte Hasen eher die x-te, wenn auch handwerklich gut umgesetzte, Variation eines viel beackerten Themas, die leider nicht wirklich aus dem Quark kommt und dadurch ab einem gewissen Punkt auch ein wenig Langeweile aufkommen lässt.

Another lost review piece originally written for FAZE Magazine which didn't make it into the print issue.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Sascha Müller - Psycho Traxxx [Psychocandies 018]

A bit of an early bird review this is as this one is yet scheduled for October but as Sascha Müller serves some great work again it's pretty obvious that we must unveil this four track piece and we promise that this is not a spoiler. What you get here are some super dry pieces of psyched out Acid variations with jumping, quite uplifting beats and great echo manipulations as in "Manuelle Geräusch Therapie", ultra precise and highly compressed drum assaults in combination with a kind of laughing signal and hammering snare shots like "Das Lachende Auge" caters as well as phonky bassline workouts with ever spiralling 303 toppings or stunning,  Motor City-reminiscing re-interpretations of Minimal Techno themes. Getting the point? You need this.